A case of Ordering controlled substances abroad

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    Here's a few questions that may have crossed you mind;
    Can I order controlled prescription drugs from foreign pharmacies? and will I get in trouble as a result?

    The answer; Yes and No. It depends. Most offenders get off with a seizure letter (no jail time).
    But be aware of the fact that some pharmacy groups try to lure members by telling them that after becoming a member they will learn how to legally order (any drug) without a prescription, bla, bla, bla bla. They are not telling the truth. Also note that many so called "online pharmacies" are not licensed as pharmacies in any way... The law is simple. Prescription drugs require a prescription but prescription drug buyers are often able to successfully locate Online pharmacies that will ship medications in 'safe packaging' ,or other precautions and loop holes...That is not what OnlineDrugBuyers are about.

    In the end, Controlled prescription drugs do require a prescription from a licensed doctor. This permit is not easy to obtain by the average person but if theres a valid company registaration number listed on the site you are ordering from, then theres a good chance you've stumbled upon a legit Online Pharmacy. Just keep in mind it is not the same to order meds by mail than to carry your meds with you when you travel. I recall a case where 149.6 grams of Alprazolam (equaling tens of thousands of pills) was found in a parcel addressed to a individual residing in the Long beach area and this individual uploaded a copy of the seizure letter to a pharmacy review site (for public view) The items had an very high estimated street value. The substances were being imported in violation of Title 19, United States Code (USC), section 1497 "Penalties for Failure to Declare," Title 21 USC, section 953, "Importation of Controlled Substances," Title 19 USC, section 1595(a) "Merchandise Introduced Contrary to Law," 18 United States Code, section 545 "Drug Smuggling" and Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, part 1312, "Importation and Exportation of Controlled Substances." This notice also serves as an official notification that administrative forfeiture proceedings shall be instituted against the seized merchandise. you have the right to petition for administrative relief from forfeiture of the seized drugs. Your petition must include a copy of the approved DEA form 236 you filed prior to importation of your shipment. Please be aware that the submission of a prescription will not grant release of these drugs and due to the quantities involved legal action may follow. You must file your petition with this office within 30 days from the date of this letter, or your merchandise will be forfeited to the U.S. Government and destroyed in accordance with the law. If you fail to respond to this notice within the 30-day period, the controlled substances will be forfeited to the United States Government and the case will be considered close. The enclosed notice of Seizure and Information for Claimants explains your options for remission of the forfeiture. If you choose to petition for relief from forfeiture, you must complete and submit the enclosed Election of Proceedings form along with your petition. This submission will defer the judicial or administrative proceedings until completion of the administrative process. To avoid any future violations, your doctor or pharmacist must comply with the drug Enforcemnt Administration requirement. All controlled substances imported should be registered and the appropriate import declaration, DEA form 236, is filed with DE not less than 14 days before importation. Ordinary citizens are not permitted to import scheduled drugs. However, if you think you may be eligible please request and file all applications with the DEA, International drug unit, Washington, D.C. 20537. All petitions should be filed in duplicate and forwarded to Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, Port Case Numbers, Fines, Penalties, and Fofeitures Office, P.O. Box 17423, bla bla bla.... If you have any questions contact xxx at REMOVED ext. Regards, Name Removed Fines, Penalties, and Forfeitures Officer " Amazingly the offender got off with a seizure letter despite the quantities involved. Those are the facts! OnlineDrugBuyers.com is a free site. You are most welcome to contribute to this topic by posting below. Thanks
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    That would be 74,800 alprazolam pills if they were 2 mg each - street value /whole sell of $50.000-$200.000

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