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  1. Ignacio

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    'Mexican detected/ Automatically translated from Spanish'

    Hi all!

    Why is the best online pharmacy for ADHD medications (Elvanse / Vyvanse, Adderall, dexamphetamine sulfate) ,What are your favorite?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Funkyfork

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    I'm not sure if you are allowed to mention specific sources, anyway I recently had a couple of Adderall's and they worked great but I do not have a prescription. I'm constantly falling asleep during the day so I feel I would benefit from either of those or Dexedrine to stay awake. Anybody have any experiences with this? Is dexedrine and ritalin comparable to Adderall in their effects?

    REDSAPPHIRE Level 2 active citizen

    Both Adderrall and ritalin will relieve the symptoms of your ADHD and /or depression for the exact same reason narcotics will: they induce euphoria. Adderrall is basically just dexedrine and another amphetamine combined, and ritalin is very similar to amphetamines- they both directly raise dopamine levels in the brain; and opiates directly affect endorphins to cause excitement and euphoria.

  4. RxHeart

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    I think most big online pharmacies have wide-variety of drugs for various illnesses and health problems including mental development and issues.

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