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  1. levis3

    levis3 Level 1 active citizen citizen

    My pack arrived 12 days after payment (including weekend). Picked it up today, and just tried the oxycodone. seems to work well. Brilliant packaging, i'll be able to give reviews on the valiums after i tested a few and a proper trial with the ritalin. Along with his generic tramadol, which have been different brands for different orders but all of excellent quality.

  2. M Bordeaux

    M Bordeaux Level 1 citizen active citizen

    My order arrived yesterday, a bit late but valiums all intact and works well. Ordered 4/25 shipped 4/27 Received 5/8 .
    Good luck all.Take care:)
  3. ProffessorOz

    ProffessorOz Level 1 citizen

    Alldaymeds came through for me last night, they went to one of the main shipping companies (Fedex) and shipped my letter, Mon, June 1, received all accounted for Sat, June 6, diazepam 10mg's are quality and so are the generic Endocet.
    Thank you to Alex at alldaymeds, you deserve my review.

  4. J McAfee

    J McAfee Level 1 active citizen citizen

    Very pleased to report: sent funds 6/4 shipped via Expedited air-mail 6/6, received 6/13 Everything intact and their oxycodone are of better quality than I had expected.Best wishes to all. Remember there is no rhyme or reason to the mail systems but it looks like packages from that part of the world arrive much faster compared to just a few weeks back. Be hopeful.
  5. JayDog

    JayDog Level 1 citizen

    Ordered: 6/8 Payment Received: 6/9 Postmarked: 6/11 Received: 6/24 Packaging was the usual high standard, and the attentin and valiums are of excellent quality. no apparent damage to any of the enclosed items.
  6. SmugglerDude

    SmugglerDude Level 1 citizen

    Package received (even though tracking says it's still in NY)Order placed: 7/1/2020 Order received: 7/10/2020 My personal view for alldaymeds:
    Product: Order exactly as described. Valium Pills are indeed very potent as reported by Jaydog above. Packaging: 10/10. Probably the stealthiest, best-packaged order I have received from any source. Shipping time: 9days (10/10). Under 10 days isn't bad, considering the ongoing coronavirus crisis.Customer service: 9/10. They always got back to me, although it took half a day sometimes. Hope this helps.
  7. Massy

    Massy Level 1 citizen active citizen

    I definitely have my favorite pharmacies Ive worked with over the years. I have to say Alldaymeds/Alex is impeccable service and responses. Very impressive!
  8. J McAfee

    J McAfee Level 1 active citizen citizen

    ordered 10/2 -received 10/12, quality of their oxycodone and attentin are decent. oxys works well for my knee pain.
  9. cocotaz

    cocotaz Level 2 active citizen

    Ordered 200 attentin 10/2 ,Mailed: 10/5 Received: 10/17 , Quality: ok+
    Good luck to folks waiting on letters
  10. Patrick

    Patrick Level 1 citizen active citizen

    The Oxycodone I received from alldaymeds seems to be the real deal. Oxy is one of those drugs that can be difficult to distinguish whether it is working or not, but I can get through a long work day without pain now.definitely a quality oxycodone brand. It works best when you take a break from it one or two days a week.
  11. HighTowerTX

    HighTowerTX Level 2 active citizen

    Update: Received one of the packages(oxycodone) from alldaymeds. Everything accounted for. Just wish I had the other one, it had what I wanted most (valium) . But this is to let everyone know he sent the oxys, legit in my mind. As long as your nice to the guy he will take care of you and work with you. He will also go out of his way to make sure things are right. I will continue to do business with them when I get my 2nd package, Also, the packaging is great. It will take some time to unwrap though
  12. Kpin

    Kpin Level 2 active citizen

    Ordered 10/28 1st part rec'd 11/5 2nd part rec'd 11/7 Western USA, perfect condition, all accounted for
  13. levis3

    levis3 Level 1 active citizen citizen

    Got my order yesterday. Ordered: 11/4 Shipped: 11/6 Received: 11/14 Very nicely packed and good quality meds as always (Rivotril and valiums).
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  14. MrPhills

    MrPhills Level 1 citizen

    sent order 11/9 shipped 11/11, pack landed11/23 (Northwest US)- Superb packaging! I ordered Attentin, I received attentin and 10 free valiums. Very prompt communication by Alex. I'm surprised with Alldaymeds and their very fast support.
  15. levis3

    levis3 Level 1 active citizen citizen

    Received another order for Xanax this morning. All pills in perfect condition and works great for my insomnia. Paid using bitcoin.
  16. ProffessorOz

    ProffessorOz Level 1 citizen

    update on my latest alldaymeds order.
    I ordered 100rivotril on 5/26 Shipped 5/27 Recvd 6/8 FYI, tracking didn't show anything until after delivery was made, but meds are quality as always. Recommend
  17. Target

    Target Level 1 citizen active citizen

    1st mailed 7/12 Received 7/24 Regular airmail - the oxycodone is decent quality, but I have had 3 consecutive batches where they shorted me around 10 pills. I'm debating how to bring this up with Alex, has anyone else experienced this? I waited a long time and kept believing it was an oversight but this is three times it has happened now. I'm a loyal customer and only take when needed but I used to get the full amount of pills. I know they can get prickly so it would help if I knew any others who have experienced the same problem. Thanks in advance. (The pain meds are of decent quality and the mailing average is great about 10-14 days tops. Outstanding packaging, no problem with any other meds I occasionally order.
  18. Gym-abs

    Gym-abs Level 1 citizen active citizen

    one difference between this place and Starlite is that Alldaymeds ARE FRIENDLY IN THERE COMMUNICATION, they do not encourage unnecessary questions, but e-mails are replied to in a short and prompt manner. So keep it short and simple.
    they also like to hear your opinion on their meds. very polite and punctual replies as well. furthermore- they sound like they are more adaptable to changes in postal system procedures, I don't know how IOPS such as ttm2u, PPE2U, and Starlite was in the start though- if they always had the insurance and strict no reship policy- or otherwise alldaymeds could change over time once they get even bigger- but so far their customer service is amazing.

    of course, free samples will always catch customer's attention and get people interested, and they always add a few freebies to my packages! I hope alldaymeds continue to surprise us!
  19. elenagrande

    elenagrande Level 1 citizen active citizen

    am seeing same no tracking
    however now it has been 1 month and no deliv
    payed for expedited shipping via bitcoin
    have you ever had this happen? do you know what to do? thanks

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