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  1. Bigbuddha

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    I have tried many different brands of valiums, switched from Xanax to valium for awhile too.first tried vals from 2 other stores(india) but those were not ok for me. The 10mg vals from alldaymeds worked best I think. Thank Alex!
  2. RayQ

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    ordered 9/10 mailed 9/12 received 9/22 to ne section of the us
  3. 168HP

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    I was worried for a minute when i didnt receive tracking as fast as I expected, but Just to say my worries were unfounded - Alldaymeds deliver again. Order received and all accounted for. Again, the klonopin's is working great & packaging excellent as usual.
  4. PornPig

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    I received my order yesterday. Took 8 days & was all good as usual, the oxycontins are excellent for the money.
  5. ColdRx

    ColdRx Raising up VIP citizen

    These guys are exceptionally great as far as getting your package.The quality of the medicine is usually top quality, in my opinion, .But you get what you pay for.I would recommend getting their oxycodone, the ones in the blister packs. my order was sent 10/17 and got it far as alldaymeds you never have to worry about not recieving your package.The fastest time I ever got mine was 4 days i kid you NOT. They are fast.
  6. S9commander

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    I received a letter yesterday it was mailed 10/23. But looking at the stamped date on the front of letter it looks to be mailed 10/24. Who knows for sure, happy I finally got one. ethylmorphin's are quality.good luck to all!
  7. DuckOnTheRun

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    I rcvd my valium order yesterday, 7 days from start to finish Top notch quality!
  8. SmugglerDude

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    Order Shipped - 12/20 Order Rec'd -today, Package: Good Meds(ritalin). Very impressed with the shipping time.
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  9. Sassy

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    Anyone else order lately? New to this vendor. Thanks in advance!

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