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Discussion in 'General talk about Online Pharmacies (int'l)' started by ColdRx, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. ColdRx

    ColdRx New Member

    On 4/5 I ordered 300 ritalin from It was sent the following day and I received it today.This was an spontanious purchase; I am mostly interested in a good supply of ritalin and valium, but alldaymeds's price is lower than the competitors.
    All in all, a positive experience.
  2. ChillOutDude

    ChillOutDude New Member

    Never tried their rits. what i have got from alldaymeds were the 10mg roche diazepam and 2mg their generic viagra, they now have on sale stilnox by a French company I see... - my question is are the French brands considered as good as brand name Ambien?
  3. ColdRx

    ColdRx New Member

    French meds are generally consdidered good. But just Go ahead and buy what's on special every 2-3 month or so, and after a couple orders ask for their special items.
    that way you will save extra on each order instead of having to place small orders every couple of weeks

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