Ambien and Zopiclone

Discussion in 'Anxiety, Sleep and Hypnotic Meds' started by Luxembourg1, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. Luxembourg1

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    What exactly is the difference, and what's your choice? Personally I've only ever had Zopiclone - but I've heard Zolpidem can be tricky for inducing hallucinations. is that true?
  2. Raindogz

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    The main difference is duration of action; in comparison to the benzodiazepines: zopiclone - short-acting ambien - very short-acting zaleplon - incredibly short-acting.
  3. M Bordeaux

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    i like ambien just because the fact that it actually keeps me asleep for 6-7 hours.. and i find zaleplon just useless, maybe good for a quick 1/2 hour rest
  4. Pusheen

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    I find Ambien excellent, but trying to find a reputable vendor in UK is difficult.
  5. DJrick

    DJrick Level 1 citizen

    i prefer Ambien too, just due to the fact that it actually keeps me asleep for 5-6 hours... and I find zopiclone just useless, may be effective for a 1 hr power nap.
  6. StrEo323

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    Zolpidem becomes helpful when you have to get up for work at 6 am, and it's 3 am and you haven't slept. Those patients who have difficulty falling asleep, as opposed to staying asleep, find it useful to take on retiring at the usual time. If the patient wakes too early and is tempted to take the 2nd dose, the drug is inappropriate for them. Quite a few people on Rx have mentioned that they require a 'double dose' for the drug to work - of course, it's not advisable but as long as the dose doesn't creep up from there, then it's not too bad. Perhaps the suggested dose of 10-20 mg was set too low when this med was launched.

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