Are people getting thrown in jail for importing prescription meds

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Have you ever had an order for prescription meds seized by customs?

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  1. Funkyfork

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    I tend to disagree, but you should have considered what the evidence is. Remember that anyone can order medications online and ship/ forward it to your address. I'm speaking primarily of a controlled delivery of controlled substances here. Think about what a vicious person could do if that's all it took. Just start buying a bunch of meds online and have it sent to someone you got a problem with.... Trust me, they need more evidence than just that.
  2. willyCk

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    Quick question. I received #1500 diazepam in the mail recently. If LE knew what is was, would they get involved?
  3. ChillOutDude

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    They could definitely charge you if they wanted to. But remember United States customs are not as strict as they used to be. often they allow online pharmacy orders to sail straight through, as their mainly looking for hard narcotics such as Heroin, Cocaine, powders these days... That means if you are unlucky to be among the 1% of medication shipments that do not make it through ,you'l most likely just receive a seizure letter anyway.

    Rule of thumb (in case of custom seizure):
    Less than 3000 pills ( valium, xanax ,clonazepam, hydrocodone etc ...) = Seizure letter
    3000-5000 pills = seizure letter (90%) , knock on door (10%)
    5000-10000 pills = seizure letter (50%) , knock on door (50%)
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