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    REDSAPPHIRE Level 2 active citizen

    Anyone had any experience with these guys?
  2. ColdRx

    ColdRx Level 2 active citizen

    Would you believe they marketed themselfs on a bill-board in New York? And it was right outside a pharmacy.... just unbelievable what these IOP's can get away with these days.
  3. ChillOutDude

    ChillOutDude Level 1 citizen

    LOL, My eyes are watering hahahaa
  4. ChillOutDude

    ChillOutDude Level 1 citizen

    anyhow do these people require a prescription? a few of their products really interests me.
  5. BrainGOAT

    BrainGOAT Level 2 active citizen

    site's down it seems.

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