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  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    canadapharmacyonline feedback and discussion thread
  2. cocotaz

    cocotaz New Member

    ordered back in july still nothing as of today, they said the would reship the order immediately after my last email a week ago..i'm not so sure about this source....
  3. HighTowerTX

    HighTowerTX New Member

    Heard some negative feedback about this place lately. I would refrain from ordering until packages starts showing up again.
  4. Pizzahead

    Pizzahead New Member

    yep, now I'm really not sure about canadapharmacyonline- now 7 weeks and still nada! WAIT on orders to land- I definitely stand by that one. Hold off until we start seeing actual "delivery" of goods!
  5. ProtonLee

    ProtonLee New Member

    Does it mean that they are scammers?
  6. Pizzahead

    Pizzahead New Member

  7. Math

    Math New Member

    another fraud online pharmacy. Big surprise:D

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