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  1. 168HP

    168HP Level 1 active citizen citizen They take your money and claim your order was seized by customs, run by the same hassan mohammad guy who pretends to Canadian but hes a
  2. Claude

    Claude Level 2 active citizen

    This Hassan character also goes by other nicknames THE CAMEL, samosaMan, Theprince, FlyingCamel and many others,He also was member of this board before he was banned. I recognized his avatar. It is a picture of a camel with a piece of bread on top of the camel's head. He is also known as Poicha = Swinger = PoopLopp - Just trying to help.
  3. 168HP

    168HP Level 1 active citizen citizen

    Yep TheFlyingCamel is what hes known as..he ran with my my money about a year ago and constantly creating new sites. This dude is so brazen, I can't believe it.

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