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  1. SeoulYa

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    Ok so after getting scammed by complete online pharmacy (aka Rupee-man), I received a letter via UPS from someone offering the same types of meds that they used to offer, an Indian call center, new Delhi IP.. completeonlinepharmacy was the only SIY I've purchased from and they always used UPS, so I'm sure this letter was from somebody linked with them. Anyway, I want to warn people about this guy. In the letter, he provided his email address for orders.
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    Rupee-man is a piece of shit simple as that. To give you an idea of the audacity of this character, he starts out the letter saying, "It's been some time since we did business with each other and I would prefer that you order for at least 300$ as that would start a business relationship at the getgo'', whatever that means..:confused:
  3. willyCk

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    I use to use completeonlinepharmacy way back when things were going great. The last order I did with Ruppe man was around the start of his downfall. That order never arrived and the fool claimed he was too 'busy' to ship out, as that washes excuse. After that, I moved on. I thought he had fallen off the planet and have not heard of him in a long time. So, now he's back and scamming folks again. Not okay.
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    A close friend was scammed by Ruppeman this past October, . I saw that hes blacklisted on other boards, so it gave me the idea & hope no one else was scammed since then. I used Ruppeman as the main source for years with great success, so it was very disappointing to see him go down the drain and turn to complete crap overnights edit @Admin, thank you for moving this thread.

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