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    Got a neighbor that is most likely addicted to crack cocaine, psychologicaly, as it is not physicaly addictive. Anyway he was also taking methamphetamine that he got from his uncle, until the poor guy died last week. He also just got married a month ago. He is living with his mom and stepdad. He is 24 years old. So thats the case. I'm posting because he tapped on my window last night and wanted to buy meds. I have nothing against the guy, and he proceeded to tell me that he had just gotten out of jail for assaulting his wife, who he threw a rice cooker at......He missed, thank goodness! He was also charged with punching a government official. Now what brought all this on? He ate between 80-90 1mg valium's and a bunch of midazolam ,and then has a couple of beers! This was two nights ago and all hell broke loose once those pills were consumed. Funny enough I heard NOTHING and there were several Law Enforcement vehicles there with blue lights flashing. We talked about 30mins before he went to his parents house and sneaked in his wife's bedroom window.... Guess love overcomes a flying rice-cooker..... The problem with sneaking in is that tehre were an order preventing him from coming onto the property. anyhow he is set to go back to California with his wife, that is where she lives, they are currently in Ohio. They are leaving next Monday. Just thought I would post this to see if anyone had any observations or thoughts. Be well.
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    Use extreme caution dude. If in the hands of LE, he has what seems to be numerous charges coming, why stay involved and get yourself into trouble? You may very well put yourself or family at risk by staying involved because you unknowing sharpened his clever. stay on the safe side. You are in no way responsible for his future actions. If statistics are any indication, she will go back with him anyway. She is already letting him slip in the window. Sad, but all too often true in the IOP game ,or related.... Avoid the risk completely or anonymously contact the family.

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