crossing the border to buy vicodin

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  1. Calm_g

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    Just reccently got some of them from a pharmacy that shipped from mexico and have never tried them before . To me they seemed not as strong as the other 10s Ive had when I went to Cancun last year, I know I saw some posts about the diffrence but I can't find them to save my life, probably will attempt to cross with my bag filled with vics again anyway It was the blue ones so Im aware that finding the same real ones is likely a shot in the dark. Anyone have experience with these or maybe recently visited Mexican pharms ?
  2. HighTowerTX

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    Those sold in cancun are the ones marked IP120.If they are not as strong, then try Lorcets. the yellow ones are not that good - probably the weakest for pain relief IMO.
  3. RxHeart

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    @HighTower ,Most people request the yellows, so they are adverised by a couple of sites from time to time. If they do not carry them, they will usually send out some other brand. Also, theres tons of them out there. I received some slightly red ones some time ago, I was like "what the f... is this!" But I looked it up on a pain id site, and sure enough, there it was. Real hydro...
  4. MedMel

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    @Calm_g ,if large quantities, safest way will most likely be with boat..
  5. HighTowerTX

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    I was just stating how it reacted to me and for many others. That is what works for me. I need those medications for my chronic knee pain. Some other do too.

  6. Calm_g

    Calm_g Level 1 citizen

    Thanks everyone; Im realizing there's a lot to learn about pain relief/ pain medications in general. I was prescribed several oxycodone brands in the past and dealt with it whether it worked or not . It feels so good to get to know more about these thingso_O
  7. BrainGOAT

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    What's the name of some of those Cancun pharmacies that sells Vicodin, morphine etc ?


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