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Discussion in 'Everything about Shipping and Payment' started by LAcounty, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. LAcounty

    LAcounty Level 1 active citizen citizen

    Do you use Paypal in sending payment? How well do you find it? Did you encounter any issues with Paypal? What are the other options to use?
  2. RxHeart

    RxHeart Level 1 active citizen citizen

    I use paypal a lot. I feel safer in using it while doing online transactions.
  3. DuckOnTheRun

    DuckOnTheRun Level 1 citizen

    Jim at Eastcoast takes PayPal, his email is [email protected] ,Ive ordered from him a lot and as far as I know, he is still reliable. 50 Pills Min.If you want more than 100 pills prices will go down considerably. Payment Option is Paypal and bitcoin Only.

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