1. Luxembourg1

    Luxembourg1 New Member

    Received a medium seized hydrocodone order from eastcoastexpress recently and thought I would share.

    3/23: emailed my order to [email protected]
    3/24 : Bitcoin Payment details received
    3/25: Payment made
    3/26: shipping conf. received
    3/27: Received order

    Was able to track the package the whole way and the pills has the right taste to them . def genuine.
  2. ColdRx

    ColdRx New Member

    Just received my first order from them as well, for the xanax bars and Oxycodone. Quality of both items was good, delivery took 4 days from order to receipt, Packaging was sufficient and came with a script. Overall smooth transaction -will buy from Jim at eastcoastexpress again.
  3. Claude

    Claude New Member

    ordered ritalin 6/4- shipped 7th - received 12th - these people are true to their word , will order again .
    regards Claude
  4. BrainGOAT

    BrainGOAT New Member

    Recently ordered Xanax bars from eastcoastexpress and received in exactly 6 days. Very happy with the fact that I was able to track my package via the USPS-site ,and that it arrived so fast

    5stars for product quality, service and communication.

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