1. Luxembourg1

    Luxembourg1 Level 2 active citizen

    Received a medium seized hydrocodone order from eastcoastexpress recently and thought I would share.

    3/23: emailed my order to [email protected]
    3/24 : Bitcoin Payment details received
    3/25: Payment made
    3/26: shipping conf. received
    3/27: Received order

    Was able to track the package the whole way and the pills has the right taste to them . def genuine.
  2. ColdRx

    ColdRx Level 2 active citizen

    Just received my first order from them as well, for the xanax bars and Oxycodone. Quality of both items was good, delivery took 4 days from order to receipt, Packaging was sufficient and came with a script. Overall smooth transaction -will buy from Jim at eastcoastexpress again.
  3. Claude

    Claude Level 2 active citizen

    ordered ritalin 6/4- shipped 7th - received 12th - these people are true to their word , will order again .
    regards Claude
  4. BrainGOAT

    BrainGOAT Level 2 active citizen

    Recently ordered Xanax bars from eastcoastexpress and received in exactly 6 days. Very happy with the fact that I was able to track my package via the USPS-site ,and that it arrived so fast

    5stars for product quality, service and communication.
  5. RayQ

    RayQ Level 1 active citizen citizen

    @BrainGOAT.... Eastcoastexpress is indeed an excellent source for various benzodiazepines, and of course pain medications. They has been my go to for hydrocodone. My experience with their oxycontin was that it wore off too quickly so I went to their hydrocodone 7.5/325 and it works fine for my neck pain...all day actually.... I still have an almost full pouch with about 350 counts left which should last me at least a couple of months. That's my experience with Eastcoast, take it for what it is.
  6. HighTowerTX

    HighTowerTX Level 2 active citizen

    Wow! The first part of my hydrocodone order from eastcoastexpress came! Took about three weeks for it to get here but got stuck in customs for 5 days. All and all it seems that eastcoastexpress is good people.
  7. RxHeart

    RxHeart Level 1 active citizen citizen

    Just received my 3rd order from Jim. It was very well packaged. That is, it was not one of those rattling packages that you are embarrassed to collect. And i'l have to say their Vals are some of the best i've ever had! Hope everyone else is doing well.
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  8. ejohn

    ejohn Level 2 active citizen

    Hi all, here to report that my recent order with eastcoastexpress went very well, arriving after only 7 days (midwest)..The contents of the package are as follows: prescription (not sure if it's valid or not but looks ok), boxed container of tablets and information leaflets.. I'm confident that the medications are genuine based on the appearance of the tablets and their overall effects. On the whole, this has been a great experience and I'll definitely be ordering from eastcoastexpress again in the near future. Thanks Jim!
  9. RocketGhost

    RocketGhost Level 1 active citizen citizen

    Received 11/3, almost missed it. I was in deep sleep when the mail lady came but my dogs started barking and I caught her before she pulled out. I had 4 vicodin left of my previous eastcoastexpress order, I think it took 17 days from sending money to my door. So thanks guys for getting me back on track, even if you didnt know you helped me ,you did with your posts.

    Now, this week I'll place another order and should be able to stay away from the costly NROPs until that arrives.
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  10. MedMel

    MedMel Level 2 active citizen

    Today received 200 hydrocodone from eastcoastexpress No problems, good packaging, shipped from a safe location.They are legit...I am now considering myself a frequent and loyal ustomer.- I say people give it a shot before christmas rush comes along I am trying to stock up:rolleyes:
  11. RocketGhost

    RocketGhost Level 1 active citizen citizen

    Just received my third order (hydro 7.5/325) in perfect condition. sent payment 2/13, Shipped 2/15 Cleared customs 2/19 (note it spent just 1hour in customs)...longest wait was after cleared until next update. Delivered 2/21 .

    if every IOP vendor was this consistenly quick, I'd be thrilled (though I'd probably still find something else to complain about).I hope this place never goes out of business.
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  12. J McAfee

    J McAfee Level 1 active citizen citizen

    I ordered a couple of he's new products (oxycodone, hydromorphone ,rohypnol) on 4-11. Shipped 4-13 Received 4-18 Another fine job from Jim. Oxycodone and Roofies work well for their purpose but the Dilaudid pills stand out. Strong product! it doesn't get better than that. The transaction was smooth. I don't waste his time & he doesn't waste mine... That's the way it should be!
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  13. M Bordeaux

    M Bordeaux Level 1 citizen active citizen

    received my first order from Jim at Eastcoastexpress on 23/4; I got the hydromorphone and blue valium. The packaging is superb, I'm in France and our customs are real jerks sometimes so I think, the intelligent packaging was necessary. Tested 3 of the 1 mg hydromorphone pills last night and they are VERY VERY good quality. no recognizable difference to prescription drugs here in France.I will test the valium someday this week. My order took 4 days to arrive. Thanks Jim!
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  14. svalbardEX

    svalbardEX Level 1 citizen

    Paid 4/13. Package posted 4/15. and I received it today. 400rohypnols/ (valium and dilaudid pills to test). The packaging is very discreet.
  15. HighTowerTX

    HighTowerTX Level 2 active citizen

    Received my pack from eastcoastexpress today,. Well wrapped and hydromorphone pills are strong. works better than vics for pain, delivered in 6 days.
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  16. Barry Vanilla-Shake

    Barry Vanilla-Shake Level 1 active citizen citizen

    Ordered 500hydromorphone and 200rohypnol 4/28 , shipped 4/30 , received 5/13.Midwest USA - Meds are quality and very discreet packaging. Jim is a standup guy.

    Have a great day, everyone!
  17. energyKing

    energyKing Level 1 citizen active citizen

    Sent funds 6/13, Shipped 6/15 Received 6/25 All in order. Very happy to finally have received this order.Good luck to those who are waiting for their letters.
  18. Massy

    Massy Level 1 citizen active citizen

    Been working with Online pharmacy's for years all accross the planet. Dealing with eastcoastexpress has been a pleasure! Cut right to the point and responses are right on schedule. Thank you Jim
  19. Shazza

    Shazza Level 1 citizen active citizen

    Would these guys send to the UK?
    Anyone here outwith the US ever received from them, and is their email the only way to access their menu?
  20. GrimReaper

    GrimReaper Level 1 citizen

    pretty sure they ship to the UK.

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