1. Shazza

    Shazza Level 1 citizen active citizen

    Thanks, will prob drop them a line.
  2. Skate23

    Skate23 Level 1 citizen active citizen

    can send picture and proof of what I received, valium 10mg. meds are quality
  3. Shazza

    Shazza Level 1 citizen active citizen


    ProtonMail is double encrypted, safe as houses, I suggest you get account with them.
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  4. Skate23

    Skate23 Level 1 citizen active citizen

    there some blue valiums and ketamine those work pretty good , not letting me load pic
  5. Skate23

    Skate23 Level 1 citizen active citizen

    it's was supposed to be 100 Xanax 2mg for 370 and what I got is about 150 valium 10mg and other pills,ketamine and vials. they work ok but not what I ordered.
  6. Skate23

    Skate23 Level 1 citizen active citizen

    east coast ships from Thailand
  7. Skate23

    Skate23 Level 1 citizen active citizen

    I ordered Xanax not what I got but they made it up with vals and and liquid hydromorphone and special k sweet
  8. energyKing

    energyKing Level 1 citizen active citizen

    some substances Jim packages and ships himself.. I actually had to give him some directions on the preparation of some meds...he is a nice guy.
  9. Barry Vanilla-Shake

    Barry Vanilla-Shake Level 1 active citizen citizen

  10. Claude

    Claude Level 2 active citizen

    Order update:
    Ordered 400 of the 2.5mg hydromorphone on 5/24, Shipped 5/26, Received: 6/5 No tampering or damage to the package. Postmark, as almost always seems to be the case, was unreadable.
    Product Quality: works OK. Exp date sometime in summer of 2023
  11. J McAfee

    J McAfee Level 1 active citizen citizen

    My Valium order arrived this morning it wasn't in blister packaging as promised but they seem to be legit. And that is why I will continue to order Benzo's and Vyvanse from Jim, as long as the quality of meds remains on this level.... also I know its an old expression but I have to say it again EASTCOASTEXPRESS (AND JIM) IS THE BEST F... THE REST * 6/8 Sent Money, 6/17 Received Package to my PO box. Thanks, a lot Jim!
  12. MrPhills

    MrPhills Level 1 citizen

    Ordered 200 oxycodone 5/31 Received 6/12, Sorry for the late update..no internet for a week.
  13. cocotaz

    cocotaz Level 2 active citizen

    Ordered 7/1 Shipped 7/3, Received 7/15 - All in order, Quality of the Vyvanse is decent.

    PALM_TREE Level 2 active citizen

    Shipped 7/17, Received 7/26 9days (Eastcoast) fastest for a long time. All in order and extremely pleased with the dextrostat.
  15. minister

    minister Level 1 citizen

    just received tracking for 2nd order. after a couple of nights of testing, the methadose brand of methadone certainly warranted a second batch. and probably a 3rd and a 4th. .ill try and get them while theyr still in stock, & hot.
  16. dickhead

    dickhead Level 2 citizen citizen active citizen

    I got my order for Dilaudid this morning and have placed two further orders, they are due in the next week at the latest. I will post as soon as I receive and please if anyone gets there packs please post before you get too chilled
  17. SkyMan

    SkyMan Level 1 citizen

    Ordered 480 of the Vyvanse on 9/4 Shipped: 9/6, Received: 9/18 - I was starting to get a little concerned but 2 weeks is not the longest I've waited, and quality of the products is well worth the wait. Do not lose hope if you're waiting on a package!
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  18. digit4

    digit4 Level 1 citizen active citizen

    I tend to jump the gun and lose hope wayyyyy too quick. Like even now, I am like waiting on a response after sending the confirmation of payment... counting minutes and shit. And I am not even strung out or anything! haha

    Seriously though, thanks for your post. Helps keep me in check!
  19. PatrolGirl

    PatrolGirl Level 1 citizen

    I received my letter today! All intact, quality meds.. I was getting worried too when I didn't receive a shipping confirmation, but according to the postal stamp it shipped 2 days after payment was received. So all good for me:)
  20. levis3

    levis3 Level 1 active citizen citizen

    Received another order from eastcoastexpress today- Ordered 10/1, Shipped 10/3 Received 10/10, Amazing customer service - good quality meds (methadose) Jim was prompt, polite, and professional.

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