Fibromyalgia treatments

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    I have started having those hot stone treatments. Those are great, but usually very expensive at a spa. The college I go to offers a therapeutic massage certificate, which means they do therapeutic massage and other spa treatments for pennies on the dollar. A one hour hot stone treatment is $40. I also take SOMA three times a day along with ibuprofen. But lets face it, that just doesn't cut it somedays. Now that my LEFT FOOT is screwed up again I am back on VICODIN. I have always had problems with sleep and the low-dose anti-depressents and such. I have even tried Ambien. those zolpidem's worked great for me but one doctor put me on xanax for sleep, and god bless him, it actually worked too. I know most people don't agree with using benzos for sleep, but sometimes you just have to go with what works and xanax has been a life saver in my case.
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    I never go to someone for a hot stone without asking if they have experience working with Fibromyalgia patients. The myofascial release is the only thing someone can do for me - it's a gentle form of massage and works wonderfully. Otherwise, it just aggravates my condition more. I take valium for sleep. Right now it works for me. But I have to go on breaks from it because it will stop working at one point, and 70mg is just too high for me to go to without being groggy half the next day. So I switch to xanax for a while I do a LOT of stretching. I have to stretch or I'm a mess. Yoga and kung fu stances is nice when I'm using slow, fluid movements. I've also had Reiki done on me a few times which was very nice. I've also had accupuncture which is awesome - wish I could afford it all the time. Chiropractors are iffy - sometimes I can get one that will release some pain in my ribcage area, and sometimes they make it worse. So right now, I avoid them altogether. I don't take any strong pain medications, and if I didn't have my knee issue going on right now, I wouldn't be taking recreational drugs either. I need to function the best I can during the day and just can't function on either meds. I tried working on oxycontin one day and kept nodding off at my computer and finally my head smashed down on the keyboard :cool:
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    I hear you bro

    So Has anyone here tried the "electro-regeneres" therapy? In combination with hot/cold baths its suppose to be really good for cleansing the lymphatic system ,which is something usually clogged up in Fibro(and other chronic pain) disorders. It's rather expensive,so anyone that has experience is appreciated.
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    I could tolerate that on my limbs. Sooo not in my spine or deltoids though! The fibro is worst around my forearms and ribcage. I think mine stems from a car accident I was in where I was thrown out of the windshield of my car which then caught fire THE most severe places of pain feel like invisible bruising left over from that.

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