hi, im rather new and just wanted to know if VPN is allowed

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  1. DiazepamChick

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    I happen to have a VPN that I use to browse most IOP's and drugbuyers forums as an extra layer of security, just wanted to make sure that this was not a violation of the forums rules here. I usually use the same VPN server so its not like my IP address is regularly bouncing all over the place, only wanted to follow up since some places have different rules in regards to that.

    Thanks all,
  2. digit4

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    Hey there. I am brand new here (and online buying in general), so just wondering, why would using VPN's not be allowed?
  3. digit4

    digit4 Level 1 citizen active citizen

    Holy shit these posts are old! I didn't even realize... here I am trying to make friends and reply to posts from years ago... The fuck. hahah!

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