How long do you think covid-19 will keep things shut down?

Discussion in 'Covid-19 Related' started by Mumbai0, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Mumbai0

    Mumbai0 Level 1 citizen

    Covid-19 has been an utter burden on all of our lives. It has stopped work to a halt, it has stopped sporting events, movies, hangouts and so on. No one can meet face to face anymore without the fear of covid-19. how long do you think we'll be in this shut-down?
  2. Pizzahead

    Pizzahead Level 2 active citizen

    If too long for you, go for a swim:)
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  3. MedMel

    MedMel Level 2 active citizen

    1 Year
  4. LAcounty

    LAcounty Level 1 active citizen citizen

    I think things will not return to normal until next year. Better shut things for now than to suffer harder circumstances. The economic impact will likely be remarkable for several years.

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