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    whitepharmacy experiences and feedback
  2. cheesedout

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    Most of their prices appear affordable... They seem like a good source for codeine and a few other pain meds... even though they sell hemp oil spray, which I'm a bit skeptical about mainly because I've only heard about it once and that was about 3 weeks ago. other than that they seem legit.
  3. MedMel

    MedMel Level 2 active citizen

    Well I ordered the co-codamol. They sent me an instant order confirmation and I paid with my visa card, hopefully they will not run with my money.
  4. HighTowerTX

    HighTowerTX Level 2 active citizen

    @MedMel, I know for a fact you wont get scammed by whitepharmacy
    . Although did you get the order?Because i talked to them today and a few products are on backorder, but others are in stock.
  5. cocotaz

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    So has anyone else actually made an order with whitepharmacy?
  6. LAcounty

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    site down...but whitepharmacy will be remembered as one of the best. remember the100 mg morphine sulphate that im thinking of. those were great.
  7. Davey

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    The 100mg ms Contin Definitely looked like a bathtub job, The markings on them looked real dodgy and inconsistent, Certinally not manufactured in a lab. Stay well away if they were to reopeno_O
  8. Pusheen

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    Is there any uk or eu reputable online pharmacy that anyone can recommend?

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