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    hi, has anybody heard of this bestpricerx ? .. or already had ordered drugs from there ?....listed as canadian pharmacy and they have set up call centers in both india and in the states but obvious from far as i can see i think the prices are normal.shure, there are questions about quality coming from that kind of place and do they require a RX? since i am looking for regular meds , i have to check brands as well as ,i am more inter. in real dealings with that source than in opinions about it.thank you
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    bestpricerx is his modus opergandi. Once he got your dollars you will not likely hear from him again unless it is a long series of standard excuses why he has not yet shipped. It's been nearly 4 months and he still has not delivered my order. I still try to contact the little prick every week and send a reminder email every week too, quoting all his reassurances and website guidelines, which are all ignored.Avoid at all costs. HE'S A PROFESSIONAL RIP-OFF ARTIST (somebody from OP recommended the guy)
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    Have you tried contacting their phone number on site? If not, I'd give that a try. My cousin who lives over in Canada said he uses them often and hasn't had any issues with them until hes last order where the pack never arrived. I have yet to try it though, so I can't really judge
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    Do they deliver to UK?
    (and would it be worth sending my pounds sterling?
    Love, Shannon xxx

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