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    tcds Feedback
  2. Pizzahead

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    i received an e mail today from "".they needed me to verify my e-mail address (did that already) said if i did not do this i would not receive any more emails from does not seem right to me due to the fact i just put in a order a few days ago ..they e-mailed me and said it was shipped ..i am wondering if this is from those scammers who were pretending they were from tcds a while ago.especially since no tcds was mentioned at all.
  3. Luxembourg1

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    they also charge a 20$ fee if your order is under a certain amount. So most likely scammers...
  4. InHamerWeTrust

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    Well where the heck did it say that?
  5. SkyMan

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    I ordered a non prescription product from them a few weeks ago. There was nothing on the site about them being out of stock. I waited three days then sent a short, polite email inquiry. Two days later I got a reply saying that they were out of them and that they did not do refunds. also they didn't give me any indication as to when they anticipated to have them back in. Basically they stole my money.

    Any and all feedback or PM's with advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. cocotaz

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    Ah, my gift from TCDS came today after waiting for 3 months: This was to southwest USA and Potency will be tested at a later date.
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  7. HighTowerTX

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    That's awesome that someone is getting their orders. I'm still waiting for an order i made 7 months ago, and not yet shipped. I would not have ordered it if I had known they were that late on delivery
  8. Math

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    I ordered in the beginning of july and I still haven't received "shipped" email either. I emailed them a couple of times and they said they were backlogged. I emailed again yesterday evening but they haven't replied yet. In this email I specifically asked if they were busy lately.

    will update here what they say once I get a reply.
  9. MedMel

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    They may be delivering. Just keep in mind that they charge a fee if your order is under a certain amount.
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    I ordered GLUCOPHAGE exactly 45 days ago . There was absolutely nothing on the site about them being out of stock. I waited ten days then sent a brief, polite email enquiry. A couple of days later I got a reply stating that they were out of them. They didn't give me any reason or indicator as to when they anticipated to get them back in stock. Has anyone had the same problem with tcds? I don't want to bug them down with too many emails but this is taking too long. I've read a few good reviews so far, but thats not enough for me to beleive I will ever get my order. Any and all comments or PM's are appreciated. Thanks all!
  11. BrainGOAT

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    I'm still waiting for an order I made back in the beginning of october. How long do I wait before these guys can be classified as a scammer?

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