hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin Study

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    Hydroxychloroquine treatment is significantly linked with viral load reduction in COVID-19 patients and its effect is reinforced by azithromycin, according to this study:

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    An additional recent study, also scientifically sound, discovered some efficacy of the 2 drugs mentioned in the thread title. Statistically significant. (Improvement in 27 cases versus about 5 within the placebo group)- therapy was begun early, when the patients were still strong.
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    Prevention and treatment of sars-cov-2:
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    This is great news, I hope it helps defeat covid-19. If it's not yet the cure, it's great to hear that scientists are making the strive to find a cure to that will hopefully defeat this darn virus. Here's hoping a cure is found as soon as possible.

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