Is it safe to purchase meds online?

Discussion in 'General talk about Online Pharmacies (int'l)' started by Mumbai0, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Mumbai0

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    I'm generally a paranoid person, and I worry quite a bit when it comes to the purchasing meds on the internet. I am used to going to my local drug store to pick up medication, but lately I've been considering ...
  2. Pizzahead

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  3. Bks3080

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    Do your homework on the iop's and make certain they are a reputable vendor. Read here and read a lot more. Overall, a very safe and pleasant experience
  4. LAcounty

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    I tried it twice and encountered no problem at all. It's pretty safe if you buy from reputable online drug store or sellers.
  5. RxHeart

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    Make sure to deal with legit suppliers and you'll be satisfied with the transactions.

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