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    Having more sex is most likely on top of the list for most people. No complaints here.
    There's strong evidence that sex helps keep both our body and mind healthy, and thus increases longevity and overall well being. According to researchers, it's not necessarily an actual biological response generated by sex that extends our lives. What's more likely is that having intimate sex means you are overall less stressed, happier and more energetic when it counts -all factors that can lower blood pressure and protect against a wide range of heart and mental diseases.

    Top ten health benefits of sex:
    1. Sex can extend your life
    2. It strengthens your heart and body. Do it right and sex can be even better than a 5 mile run.
    3. Sex helps to reduce stress and depression due to chemicals your body produces during intercourse.
    4. Sex strengthens your ligaments ,bones and muscles.
    5. Sex helps keep your mind sharp during pressure
    6.helps you to look younger. up to seven years younger according to a few Harvard professors
    7. It improves your sense of smell and hearing
    8. Sex provides pain relief especially for chronic pain.
    9. Sex may reduce the risk of certain cancers. "The more you play, the healthier you'll stay!"
    10. Sex boosts the immune system and it can be the key to controlling weight.
    A steamy sex life could be the best diet you've ever tried!

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    I'm having sex several times a day lately, what about others, do you have sex everyday? my Dr. is of the opinion that it's not a good idea for men to have sex more than twice a week but not really buying that:rolleyes:

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