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Discussion in 'The IceBox' started by urban, Jul 10, 2021.

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    Whole sale 3mmc ketamine and MDMA . top grade quality wickr : kerchem0
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    Urban, kercherm0, greenlight, shit-for-brains, FIREBIRD is just some of NICK MARKALEY's aliases, A BUNCH OF SCAMMERS Sending fake MDMA pills that have been bought in a supermarket, and change receiver names whenever they think they lives are in danger. Reporting the receiver to WU doesn't do any good, in my opinion. The poor guy that lost 12000$ over at ph-reviewer-forum did what he could by reporting his experience there, some don't out of embarrassment or whatever. for those who lost $ to this fool, chalk it up as a lesson learned and move on to bigger things
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    MMDA's old website pictures the infamous methamphetamin tablets that Starlite is selling as Adderall. Top-quality identifies them as generic methamphetamine but nobody can say for sure what that is.
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    Ok, so that is the mystery Starlite-pill that people used to write about.

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