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    Your review and feedback related to medicinesmexico
  2. cheesedout

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    is medicinesmexico worth it? im in a really tough situation. on vacation in hawaii for another week so can have it shipped here.

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  3. RxHeart

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    Poor ,horrible creature you are.
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  5. ColdRx

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    Regarding medicinesmexico, For the price its not bad. the only thing I have never seen a site like this before. They sell mainly regular medications (no prescription meds). i asked him about a few meds and he said many companies make pills with markings never seen before and some don't even have a score on them at all, and that they do not sell oxycodone, hydrocodone or any other controlled meds which is what I inquired about. But Theyr prices seems ok so no complaints from me. Although Im getting a large order of norco brand pills tonight for about 1.96$ a pill. Can't beat that. Im excited about it, too bad this source do not carry those kind of drugs. So i won't be ordering from him anytime soon.
  6. HighTowerTX

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    Just an update. These people never replied to any of my emails and I never received my package. I've filed for a chargeback on my credit card. I would avoid them.
  7. levis3

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    Hi guys, I just recently put an order medicinesmexico and have not received it yet.You said that they won't let you order more that 2 medications at a time but now it seems like their turned scam ?Please let me know if anyone received from them will put my mind at ease. I will put in another order if I get word of recent deliveries -or should wait until I receive the one order first. Let's see what happens.Thank you all!
  8. Pizzahead

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    I just placed a new order the other day. Received my shipping and tracking information this morning. So far so good.
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  9. BrainGOAT

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    Bought from medicinesmexico a month ago - pain relievers and antibiotics. Delivery took 3ish weeks. Unusually packaged inside of the cover of books and the pills looked old and dirty. Absolutely zero tape, just dirty looking products!
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  10. dustspooky393

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    Oh no
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  11. ChillOutDude

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    Did you shell out with a credit card? If so, file a dispute with your credit card company. You you should not have to tell them what you ordered - just that you never received quality products OR that it just wasn't your charge. But, bear in mind - you have up to 60 days to file a dispute with any credit card company-
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  12. RxHeart

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    I was wanting this to have been a reliable site simply because I were in need of a couple of the meds they offer. But everything points to medicinesmexico being a scam and I am glad to know it. Thanks so much for all for sharing your insights.
  13. Mumbai0

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    I have not yet purchased from them, but will continue to do some research.

    I'll continue to do my research. Thanks for sharing guys!

    PALM_TREE Level 2 active citizen

    Seems they have moved to https://www.

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