Once a vaccine is discovered, then what?

Discussion in 'Covid-19 Related' started by LAcounty, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. LAcounty

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    Scientists from different parts of the world are rushing to finally formulate a successful vaccine for COVID-19. The next step is about its mass production, followed by pricing, and distribution. Do you think it will be allowed to be mass produced at all willing and capable countries. How about the pricing? I hope it will not be used to profit too much from the devastating pandemic. What are your insights on this?
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  2. RxHeart

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    I bet U.S will avail most of it? It's really sad to know that U.S has the highest number recently.
  3. StrEo323

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    Nowadays too much disturbed by lockdown, social distances, and lack of earnings.
    Once a vaccine is discovered, then life comes on the usual routine and another ticket whilst my lucks hot.

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