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  1. willyCk

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    Hi all,

    I just found oxycodone to be so wonderful for pain-it killed nearly all of my chronic pain in a second-that when I ran out of meds and I found myself really wanting more. I had never felt that cranky and moody before. It was like I was hungry not for food but this "wonder-drug" called oxycodone... Finally found a good supplier and its almost unavailable they still sell it even from the doctor. Well I 'm not addicted to it but I would love to know if anyone has taken this drug on a "full/part-time" basis ,and does not suffer from 'side effects?
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  2. MedMel

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    Never heard of oxycodone before recently , is that what you are saying? What, are you five years old or what? You subscribe to a forum called "onlinedrugbuyers.com" and yet you claim to NEVER have heard of THE most controversial narcotics out there before recently??? Somehow I seriously doubt thats what you are saying, but I may be wrong.
  3. ejohn

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    Definitely taking it EVERY DAY over a long period of time could cause tolerance; when I'm able to get them I make sure I only take them apart from other meds. It is a highly addictive pain killer, albeit a very effective drug. Avoid going above 160mg of oxycodone/day.

    REDSAPPHIRE New Member

    Oxycontin is simply a drug that is addicting. One of many. No special magical or evil properties, all about controlling your intake.
  5. Funkyfork

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    Dentists used to script percs back in the 1980's so cant be that bad. also cases of oxycodone causing problems in the US would not make it to other countries, and other countries generally don't have a problem with oxycodone. For those of us that lives in Australia, There is a black market for oxycodone in Australia, but it is nowhere near the scale of that in the US - at least not yet - and this black market is relatively new but growing. The average Australian citizen has probably never heard of that.

    REDSAPPHIRE New Member

    A bit off topic , but how would you guys describe the difference between Oxycodone, IV morphine and IV diamorphine?
  7. Funkyfork

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    I had slow drips in the hospital a couple of times; but as for shooting it I never tried it - Dilaudid drip for me was like candy; it was a massive rush followed by a settling into pure bliss, I found it to be the closest pharmaceutical to pure H--(everyone sez oxys--but I never'got' that).............Morphine was kind of the gold standard for me---good rush (better than codeine, but not as good as dilaudid) and very long lasting (5-8 hours for me)---but it wasn't particularly fun, mostly just effective.**********************A word on IV Heroin : DON"T DO IT. PERIOD. Its one of those things you simply do not need to experience. Yes, it may feel good--but that just makes it harder for it to be a one time thing. People who start on H generally NEVER get over it, and get hooked on the spike almost as much as the drug. Its a quick way to overdose, and a quick way to send a habit spiraling over the edge into oblivion. Every pleasure in this life comes with a price tag attached---and believe me--in some cases the price is too much to pay. Please believe me. Just eat 'em---or if you must; crush 'em- or crack the amps and mix into a glass of water--but don't shoot unless you have to! If you already started try to stop before its too late.

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