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    Hi all,

    I just found oxycodone to be so wonderful for pain-it killed nearly all of my chronic pain in a second-that when I ran out of meds and I found myself really wanting more. I had never felt that cranky and moody before. It was like I was hungry not for food but this "wonder-drug" called oxycodone... Finally found a good supplier and its almost unavailable they still sell it even from the doctor. Well I 'm not addicted to it but I would love to know if anyone has taken this drug on a "full/part-time" basis ,and does not suffer from 'side effects?
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    Never heard of oxycodone before recently , is that what you are saying? What, are you five years old or what? You subscribe to a forum called "onlinedrugbuyers.com" and yet you claim to NEVER have heard of THE most controversial narcotics out there before recently??? Somehow I seriously doubt thats what you are saying, but I may be wrong.
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    Definitely taking it EVERY DAY over a long period of time could cause tolerance; when I'm able to get them I make sure I only take them apart from other meds. It is a highly addictive pain killer, albeit a very effective drug. Avoid going above 160mg of oxycodone/day.
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    Oxycontin is simply a drug that is addicting. One of many. No special magical or evil properties, all about controlling your intake.
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    Dentists used to script percs back in the 1980's so cant be that bad. also cases of oxycodone causing problems in the US would not make it to other countries, and other countries generally don't have a problem with oxycodone. For those of us that lives in Australia, There is a black market for oxycodone in Australia, but it is nowhere near the scale of that in the US - at least not yet - and this black market is relatively new but growing. The average Australian citizen has probably never heard of that.

    REDSAPPHIRE Level 2 active citizen

    A bit off topic , but how would you guys describe the difference between Oxycodone, IV morphine and IV diamorphine?
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    I had slow drips in the hospital a couple of times; but as for shooting it I never tried it - Dilaudid drip for me was like candy; it was a massive rush followed by a settling into pure bliss, I found it to be the closest pharmaceutical to pure H--(everyone sez oxys--but I never'got' that).............Morphine was kind of the gold standard for me---good rush (better than codeine, but not as good as dilaudid) and very long lasting (5-8 hours for me)---but it wasn't particularly fun, mostly just effective.**********************A word on IV Heroin : DON"T DO IT. PERIOD. Its one of those things you simply do not need to experience. Yes, it may feel good--but that just makes it harder for it to be a one time thing. People who start on H generally NEVER get over it, and get hooked on the spike almost as much as the drug. Its a quick way to overdose, and a quick way to send a habit spiraling over the edge into oblivion. Every pleasure in this life comes with a price tag attached---and believe me--in some cases the price is too much to pay. Please believe me. Just eat 'em---or if you must; crush 'em- or crack the amps and mix into a glass of water--but don't shoot unless you have to! If you already started try to stop before its too late.
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    I take 4-6 10mg oxycodone pills a day and keep it at that level. I do not have any withdrawals during the week. Now trying to stick to that is another thing! haha well see how I do in a couple months I guess...lol It does feel good for sure. Keep your dose as low as possible and below 30 mg as a single dose and you should be fine.
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  9. theironwarrior

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    You might find this amusing: After two hospital visits, I found out I'm 100% immune/resistant to morphine and Dilaudid. It was quite a chuckle watching the faces of the doctor and nurses when I was administered the Dilaudid. I couldn't sit down due to the problem I was experiencing and was on my feet for 4 hours (the right foot is another issue). They couldn't grasp how I could pace around, grimacing in pain, after the first shot in the IV...so they gave me more. After the third hour, they gave me another shot but gave up after that! LOL.

    I had to get back into the Scene after being abandoned by the medical community, and Percoset (oxycodone/Tylenol) is the one opioid that actually provides some relief. I follow the Adaptive Thresholding philosophy I created back "in the day" and take as little as possible to achieve maximum effectiveness. I also have to be concerned with becoming resistant. No insult to minister (pain is very individual!), but if I tried taking the amount he stated, it would become useless in a couple days.

    Fun-filled side effect of opioids: Well, I guess you could say I'm not 100% immune to Dilaudid. It and all opioiods cause a period of "hyper-intelligence." For a short period when injected or ingested, its as if my IQ jumps 50 points and breaks the 200 barrier. As an example, after first the Dilaudid injection I began composing a Master's level thesis on a sociological topic (I have no formal training in the area) in my head, and I could actually see the words flow across a mental sheet of paper. What SUCKS, is there is no long term retention. If you've ever read "Flowers for Algernon" that somewhat describes the loss, and it is....disconcerting. That, for me, is a "could be the addictive" part.

    Of course, no doctor believes me, and I've offered to have them hook me up for an EEG test and assign me conceptual tasks based on the higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy...and even offered to pay for it. { REMOVED] all suddenly don't want to talk about it anymore. Fucking idiots.

    There's more perplexing jollies, but I'll stop here.
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    I have not used a wide range of pain relievers myself (besides a trip to the ER once back in my 20's where I took one and threw out the bottle) until 4 years ago, tahts when it all started.. I had all sorts of dental issues (wisdom teeth, all four, had to come out and when they were doing that, they cracked a perfectly good tooth next to them) I ended up getting dry sockets for 4 weeks! Not a whole lot that is more painful than that. Needless to say I was on hydro for about six months straight, and about a week into the ordeal, I started really liking the effects. I was taking 1-3 or so every day depending on the level of pain. Once I got over it, I was hungry for more. It did help tremendously with a back problem I have had since I was a teen, so i continued to seek it out, . Over the course of the next year , i was up to close to 15 a day. It took that much because my tolerance shot threw the roof and I wouldnt feel a thing if I only took 5 or 6. need to change it up (oxycodone for a few months) ,then vicodin , dilaudid , codeine, and so on ,then when you reach the end you start with the first drugg you used really best way to constantly keep the receptors in fire-mode. I know after I finished what the docs gave me, it was all I could think about. But, take it from me, dont take any more if you can help it and keep changes things up for best effects.
  11. theironwarrior

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    Man, I've had my share of tooth issues, including an implant--not fun. I haven't had the dry socket, but EVERYONE who I know who experienced it told me it was hell on earth. Sorry you had to go through that.

    Please don't take this as insult, but you should've never gotten up to that dosing amount, BUT it's not your fault. What sucks, there no longer is any GOOD advice on the boards about how to take opioids. If I ever can recover the extensive articles I wrote on Adaptive Thresholding, it would be a good starting point for most people and even for people who currently take excessive amounts.

    In summary, here is the core philosophy in three words for ALL drugs: LESS IS MORE.

    Now, I'm not you and trying to analyze you medically and mentally would be nothing more than armchair, arrogant, self-aggrandizing bullshit. You know your mind and body; strengths and weaknesses. Still...we can define a starting point like "How much pain can you handle?" or "What do you associate with the craving?"

    As an example, I've been in Level 6-7 pain for two years, 24/7--no break when I sleep. Occasionally, it bursts to the 8-10 range and incapacitates me. Since I've been able to acquire some oxycodone (adding Tylenol), I can reduce the pain to the 3-4 range with the amount I take, which is acceptable to me. Could I take more? Sure, and I've tested it, but there was no significant change in the pain level. Also, as mentioned, I run the risk of becoming completely resistant to it. Due to my failed surgeries, no drugs, short of those rendering me completely unconscious, will ever take the pain away completely.

    So, this is an example of "How much pain can you handle?" especially over an extended period of time. I take no more than 5mg every 3-4 hours, sometimes with Tylenol and sometimes without. On rare instances, I will take a full 10mg during one of these periods, but only one--never more.

    I can continue later if you like. I do have a hydrocodone addiction story.
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    Like said above--try to keep the doses reasonable and Remember it's the person; not the drug--(just like it being the guy behind the trigger-not the gun or the other way around)--I had a pretty serious opiate addiction a few years back, and all my cronies went crazys for the oxys--I never really cared one way or the other about them (I liked hydrocodone e and Dilaudid--and loved valium). Really--its the person and doctor either being responsible or irresponsible that determines whether or not addiction occurs. Rule of thumb: 45+ days on any narcotic pain med will cause some form of withdrawal symptoms--be they mild or severe depends on the person, the med, the dosage and how you approach the whole situation.
  13. willyCk

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    The reason I posted this thread is that I have used morphine on a general basis, but not oxycodone. Morphine is generally obtained as a pharmaceutical whereas diamorphine from the street is adulterated and diluted. thanks for replies
  14. DiazepamChick

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    Oxycodone is really reserved for severe pain. Perhaps you could take tramadol or something less strong for fun? Doubt any doc will give you a script for oxycontin except in cases where its for pain relief,but surprising you have not known of this pain reliever. Not everyone lives in the world of drugs.

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    Mindful not to see things where they aren't tho--the small cotton balls will be VERY tiny in most cases--like a little piece of lint. It's really rare for somebody to use the entire filter except if they are trying to filter out A LOT of filler (like with Tylenol 3s and 4s.) If it turns out that he is using--be gentle---yelling at someone never made them see the light---and how you address him maybe life or death...

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