pharmasave still up to their old tricks? still up to their old tricks

Discussion in 'Black List' started by cheesedout, Jan 21, 2019.


are Pharmasave a scam?

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  1. cheesedout

    cheesedout Level 2 active citizen

    Just need some more feedback on since I remember there were a thread about pharmasave scamming a few people on another forum some time ago. This is the first that I have heard of no rx needed, No consulation except online form. and the meds are priced reasonably, but still people have been scammed in the past so keep that in mind before ordering. Couldnt find the old thread about them, butplease checkout the website and let me know what you think or if you have ordered what was your experience. Thanks everyone!
  2. Funkyfork

    Funkyfork Level 2 active citizen

    Pharmasave is knopwn for assking people to fax them a copy of their credit card and their check, after which they use the bank routing # and the account number (both on the check) to send through an electronic debit (or credit), emptying your card in the process. Real sneaky bastards .. They are Known crooks, and now eventually on the blacklist!
  3. Luxembourg1

    Luxembourg1 Level 2 active citizen

    Time to put a stop to this folks: . I have also received a couple PMs asking how I went about ordering on this site. so just to update ,I was indeed scammed by pharmasave and the site they referred me to. Both their referal sites and, I believe, the website itself is fake. More to the point, I don't think that the website is a fraud, I think it was created by the same people that was behind the old ioplist, to show how easy it is to be fooled. They have done this many times in the past so it's not unreasonable to think they did it again. The website is not trying to sell medications, it is trying to refer us to iop's that do. Keep in mind that within 30 minutes of emailing some of their fake sources, I had 5 or 6 emails offering me Oxycontin , watson hydrocodone , 20 mg roche valium( lol on that one) , 90 80mg Oxys (Total= 7200mgs) for 60 bucks (just ridiculous) and thats not all - The pills would be padded for shipping by Q-tip ends and cooked potatoes. Lastly the OC would be scratched off of all ninety pills and disguised as candy which would then placed into a acctual M&M's bag! just to let anyone know that these people are cooperating with thiefes and crooks, and cannot be trusted. Do not fall for their scam!

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