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    Whether you are the Head of a large Pharmaceutical Cooperation or a local Pharmacy in a small city, here is the place where you can connect with buyers around the World.

    How to proceed:
    Make a post containing either your price-list, or a short summary about your company as well as the products you sell.

    If your prices are reasonable, you should quickly receive bids from one of the many small and large Pharmaceutical Corporations that frequently check for the latest updates here. Among these companies are well known Pharmaceutical Leaders such as: Glaxosmithkline, Dr. Reddy's ,ROCHE, MSD, LynaPharm, Ephac, Unichem, Mundipharma and Ranbaxy. As well as smaller professional players in the field such as Surya, GPO, Sun Pharmaceutical, Legrand and Atlantic.

    Happy bidding.
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