quitting demerol - would that be a pain in the ass?

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    Hi, I am about to stop my long dependency with Demerol. I usually take large doses throughout the day. I have a stockpile left, I'm not going to flush them - I'm gonna finish them and quit. My request is, will it be better for me if for the last few days I cut down to 1 or 2 pills (taper), or will it be the same as taking my usual daily dose?
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    I say go for it.. you didn't get these under a doctor's care? Tapering is great, but it might not protect against all w/d signs or symptoms.
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    I have different advice for you. From lots of mixed experiences. If you are intending to taper off of opiates, set your taper schedule, give the drugs to someone who really cares about your tapering success and do not plan to break you schedule" When you quit, you have to quit, but rationalized safety net to fall back on when things get rough, thats what you need in case of emergency. Taking a couple of tablets after 2 or 3 days of withdrawal will prolong the symptoms in some cases and help in other cases, depends on the type of person.
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    I wouldn't call it a pain in the ass, but personally I found it best to cut down to a minimum all at once. Like, if you were talking like 5-10 pills daily or in that range, which I guess is spaced for the duration of the day, go down to two-three. Wait as long as possible for the a.m. dose, then as long as you possibly can for the p.m. Then, take it to 1 a day as quickly as possible. And, as an alternative of using everything up as your goal, see if you can keep a couple. Funny thing... You may THINK you are good, no issues, then a couple of days later on, WHHAM! And there you go, back on the smack. Seriously, keep a couple in backup. If nothing else, it will let you know if you are really serious about getting off. And it ain't the pain and the runny nose that will destroy you thats for sure, just keep to your goal and you'll be okay:confused:

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