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Discussion in 'Canadian Pharmacies List' started by Admin, Sep 19, 2018.

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    Your experiences with rxcanada4less
  2. BrainGOAT

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    I used to use rxcanada4less when they first surfaced then letters started to vanish and I decided not to push my luck at the time. Then I used this iop again last month and they stopped replying after I made the payment. Of course the order never arrived. They seem to be all over the map in answering emails before payments are made and then just vanishes into scam-world after that.
  3. ColdRx

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    Well, so far it looks like I've been scammed by rxcanada4less- they seemed to have taken off with my money..Have't heard back from the shitheads since last month when I sent payment then and told me they "will work very hard to get orders out monday, then nada. Oh well.I'm halfway through the medication I really need rx already (at least to get over the severe phase).I' ll let you know if anything pleasantly surprising takes place.
  4. ChillOutDude

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    i was also scammed $69 by rxcananada4less who kept up these thought out (but dumb) lies up for 8 weeks before sending nothing (guess i'm lucky reading about them before placing a larger order) apparently they scammed others for like 4k+ their real phone number and address were even listed on the darknet - not very clever of them.

    Have a great day guys, and keep in mind these people been shit for a long time. Maybe even from the beginning of LOL
  5. BrainGOAT

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    I received my sample order in a week, which is very fast indeed.The packaging was secure and discreet and the quality was excellent.I'm expecting a bigger pack to arrive in a few days.

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