site is loading fast now - much faster than last year

Discussion in 'Site feedback, tips and reviews' started by willyCk, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. willyCk

    willyCk Raising up VIP citizen

    How did you improve the speed of the site? are you using cache plugins or something?
  2. MedMel

    MedMel Level 2 active citizen

    most likely a combination of cache plugins, a great hosting provider and quickness of the mind, all three contributing factors to the excellency of this site. Very impressed:)
  3. RocketGhost

    RocketGhost Raising up VIP citizen

    loading fast and precise as a eagle, especially in chrome.
  4. Funkyfork

    Funkyfork Level 2 active citizen

    5stars for speed 4sure
  5. Barry Vanilla-Shake

    Barry Vanilla-Shake Level 1 citizen

    lightning fast.

    PALM_TREE Level 2 active citizen

    I agree, Onlinedrugbuyers is definitely on the rise up.
  7. MrPhills

    MrPhills Raising up VIP citizen

    no doubt about that.
  8. Kpin

    Kpin Level 2 active citizen

    I like the layout too :cool:
  9. DuckForDinner

    DuckForDinner Level 2 active citizen citizen

    Loading fast in any browser , just PERFECT .

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