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Discussion in 'Email Only Vendors' started by cocotaz, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. SmugglerDude

    SmugglerDude Raising up VIP citizen

    8 days door to door...Ordered5/3 (xanax and vics) Shipped the following day, Received 5/12 That's two back-to-back 8 day orders.It's been a couple of years since I've seen anything this fast delivery, Thanks Max!
  2. dustspooky393

    dustspooky393 Raising up VIP citizen

    I just received an email from thedonrx saying that the oxycodone 10mg's are back in stock again! Anyone else received this email?
  3. HighTowerTX

    HighTowerTX Level 2 active citizen

    yes, i did, is this place still legit?
  4. ProtonLee

    ProtonLee Level 2 active citizen

    Should be, also their policy stating if your package gets seized you will get a reship of your product.
  5. SeoulYa

    SeoulYa Level 1 citizen

    I received my order this morning also. Was very reliable in the past. Aloha, Seoulya
  6. minister

    minister Raising up VIP citizen

    I received letter dated 5/28, received 6/6. So 9days shipping isn't bad and the morphine ampoules are working better than expected. Recommend
  7. PornPig

    PornPig Raising up VIP citizen

    Ordered: may 27th, Received: June 7th (Michigan) drug: hydrocodone, Happy with purchase.

    PALM_TREE Level 2 active citizen

    The prices on Max's list have been lowered by 50% or so, and meds are shipped in original blister upon request as thedonrx has started giving back to loyal customers after years of successful business, recommend
  9. energyKing

    energyKing Raising up VIP citizen

    Those prices won't last foreveer as that is to give customers a price-break before new pain relievers and benzos are being shipped again. In any case, for the next couple of months there's great deals to be had, So I was informed by Max at thedonrx
  10. DeadCat

    DeadCat Raising up VIP citizen

    Ordered—6/2 Shipped 6/3 —Rec’d—6/14 good quality stilnox and cheap, Be encouraged folks
  11. Kpin

    Kpin Level 2 active citizen

    Received another valium order from Max
    Ordered:6/20 Reported shipped:6/21 Actual postmark:6/22 Received:6/29, quality ok
  12. J McAfee

    J McAfee Raising up VIP active citizen citizen

    12/01/2015 Ordered through email- Letter Mailed 7/16 - Received Letter yesterday! Totally Unexpected as everything else has been S L O W !!! Postmark Matched Mailed Date perfectly! QTY/Quality - Qty=Perfect. Quality= Ordered The large (50ml)morphine vials to see if works as well as fentanyl+ ( cause these morfine vials are way cheaper ) they work great without a doubt this is morphine! PCKG- Perfect As Always-Very Discreet East Coast--Arrived in a stunning 10 days!

    *****I ACCIDENTALLY TIPPED ELISA, MY MAIL CARRIER $50.00! OOPS! She delivered my Letter to my front door yesterday- Talk about Service!!
  13. M Bordeaux

    M Bordeaux Level 2 active citizen citizen

    Received another order of blue vals & they definitely work better than the generics I get from my local pharmacy. Shipping is also fast. Cheers
  14. cheesedout

    cheesedout Raising up VIP citizen

    12/6 order datere- shipped 12/7 rcvd 12/13 Things are definitely moving fast.. addys arrivd Blistered in the 20/20 Packs (5mg )quality A++++!
  15. ColdRx

    ColdRx Raising up VIP citizen

    Ordered 12/15 Shipped 12/17 Rec'd 12/25 Honestly, I didn't expect to receive that fast. Quality: (codein) A+....jumping for joy:D
  16. 168HP

    168HP Raising up VIP citizen

    Received in 6 days!I'm happy with this order (250ethylmorfin 60$) but I'm not entirely happy because all prices are cheaper since a few days ago,the price is now just 30$ so I paid out double for the same meds. I'll place my new order asap.
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  17. Gym-abs

    Gym-abs Level 2 active citizen citizen

    Ordered the valiums 1/5 received 1/13 Quality good

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