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Discussion in 'Email Only Vendors' started by cocotaz, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. cocotaz

    cocotaz New Member

    I ordered from thedonrx at the beginning of last week (through he's email [email protected]) the order was for 2 of the recent hard to find items (Percocet and hydromorphone ampoules) and got to me very fast without any issues. Also received 10 extra hydromorphone amps as a bonus. Will order again.
  2. Claude

    Claude New Member

    my order from thedonrx shipped sept 10th received sept 20th. i took 2 of the dexedrine pills and they are as legit as can get. packaging was very discreet and consisted of the meds along with a prescription and info-sheet of side effects and contraindications. i also placed a second order about a week ago which has already cleared customs.

    Absolutely great supplier and top notch customer service.
  3. david

    david New Member

    I'm very happy with the 4 orders I received from thedonrx so far, latest one for dexedrine. Ordered 09/18 Received 09/25 Express stamp shipping.
  4. Pizzahead

    Pizzahead New Member

    my first order for vanilla diazepam just landed. Took about 10 days before it arrived in my maibox - product quality ok
  5. RayQ

    RayQ New Member

    Ok Folks,I just took the plunge and placed an order from 'Don' for "oxycodone 10 mg (without apap)" which is the equivalent to Oxycontin in the US and I beleive in the UK too. Since it is the strongest of opioid pain medications I am really crossing my fingers it'l pass customs., anyhow pure oxycodone doesn't have the recent stigma of Morphine which (unbelievably) had been upgraded to highest schedule here in the United States alongside Fentanyl, Dilaudid, and roxy etc. I am just baffled that a tiny 10mg Oxycontin is equivalent to a Fentanyl patch which has huge addictive potential!The government can be a bunged up concept!I will keep you updated on the progress of my order.Be Safe all.
  6. levis3

    levis3 New Member

    Here's how my order went. 9/24 Ordered, approved, shipped with TN Friday 9/26 Arrived at NY customs 10/2 received 10/5 . very surprised at how fast it went through customs. The packaging is very secure they didn't have their full details on the outside but did have their return address. The customs disclosure labels are very good as well.The product was in original packaging and blister packs in the box. Lot No. matches up and is manufactured in the United kingdom (Auden McKenzie).After taking the product they seem to be genuine dex. Thank you for your update everyone. I'm not the most experienced with IOP's but I've done a lot of research on the subject. Much of what I've ordered has been what you can buy OTC. But i don't require much for dexedrine usually 10mg or less(at least I don't think thats much). Anyhow you just found a decent Pharm if you ordered from thedonrx, they seem to be legit and very affordable as well. Thanks for reading.

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