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  1. Pizzahead

    Pizzahead New Member

    Ordered adderall, dexedrine and oxycodone from thedonrx 10/17 - received 10/29. Great service and quality of meds are decent. actually was looking for morphine but they were sold out on the sevredol so I went for oxycodone's instead. Kudos to them they rate 5 star in my book for speed, reliability, and quality. I will definitely order from them again!
  2. MedMel

    MedMel New Member

    450 dexedrine 5 mg ,250 oxycodone received via DHL.

    - Ordered 10/26(Fri) - Shipped 10/27 (Sat) - Inbound into Customs 10/31 8am (Wed) - Outbound of Customs 11/1 (Thu) 3pm - Delivery to mid-Atlantic 11/2 (Fri) Signature of course required as it was DHL. The packaging was similar to other top sources, though it seems the workmanship was a lot better on this one. Everything was packed more solidly and safer than I've ever seen from any online pharmacy, They didn't rush this together. It took some work to unpack it and the outward appearance was very ' professional-looking'. The dexedrine pills were also a lot more potent than what I've expected, definitely original Auden McKenzie brand from the look of it. expiry date 2023. I have a tolerance, and still the onset of action was about 15 minutes. I grabbed one oxycodone pill to give the effect a kick start, These drugs definitely works. No doubt about it.Having taken these two medications together, I feel far calmer, more alert, and full of energy.

    If a Moderator would ask for my tracking number to see that I did indeed order from thedonrx, I would immediately send the info via pm. Stimulants potentiate most narcotic pain meds and I feel that the dexedrine really does that when taken along with 10 mg of oxycodone. Plus, you probably should look at a workout plan so that the energizing effects of the dexedrine is optimized 100%. Thanks for reading, and good luck everyone!
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  3. DiazepamChick

    DiazepamChick New Member

    I have received quite a few orders recently rather quickly, however, one order which was shipped in several envelopes due to size, was shipped about 2 weeks ago. I got the 1st part (dexedrine and percocet) fine, but the 2nd part has not arrived yet. I just spoke with Max who assured me 2nd part of the order (codalgin forte) should arrive in a few days and that it was still within the normal delivery time. I questioned whether he could guarantee that I would get it within a week, and he replied " most likely" which doesn't really guarantee that I will receive the rest of my order. Crossing my fingers now.
  4. Claude

    Claude New Member

    My third order arrived today 17days after my second order showed up.The dexedrine is Legit 5mg dextramfs, The packing is ""double"" packed-very secure and safe. Not that cheap when ordering small quantities but their bulk prices are great. Take care everyone.
  5. Math

    Math New Member

    I have ordered the generic percocet from thedonrx 3 times now and each time i've recieved in less than 10 days. my latest order arrived 4 days ago and their generic oxycodone 10mg is definitely on pair with other US brands, including oxycontin.

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