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Discussion in 'General talk about Online Pharmacies (int'l)' started by Pizzahead, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. Pizzahead

    Pizzahead Level 2 active citizen

    Envelope mailed through FedEx on 5/8 and received 5/12. No problems with either the packaging and contents, 10mg vics works ok.
  2. RxHeart

    RxHeart Level 1 active citizen citizen

    Order received. Delivery: shipped on 5/8, it was in my PO Box on 6/1, not sure how long it was there but very pleased it arrived within 3 weeks. Quality: the hydromorphone vials are top-notch and the bupe works well for pain relief, also included was a HTF sleeping pill (rivotril2mg) which put me to sleep in less than 5mins.recommend
  3. Woodburian

    Woodburian Level 1 citizen

    ordered 6/12 via email '[email protected] received(last part of 3. part order),6/25.100% pleased with the hydromorphone amps and oxycodone...
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  4. Dsh

    Dsh Level 1 citizen active citizen

    Can anyone tell me of any other good forums like this one
  5. JD Winters

    JD Winters Level 1 citizen active citizen

    I've been getting my info here it's not as busy as it was but the information is up to date.
  6. ProjectSatan

    ProjectSatan Level 2 active citizen

    Got my order. I ordered 500 oxys and paid with bitcoin to get the extra 30 percent. He sent plenty of extras.
  7. DenKi

    DenKi Level 1 citizen

    Used this vendor for the second time in early October and all went smoothly with the ordering process. Used a creditcard to buy bitcoin with no problem and as for shipping, it took exactly 10 days to delivery. I was happy with the quality of the Sinalgen Max and the fact that one bag contained 40extra pills,there was no injury to the outer envelope either and very discreet packaging- maybe just a rough ride across the Atlantic, hahah

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