Thedonrx - Sinalgen Max (hydrocodone) VS percocet

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Which pain medication from thedonrx do you think is better value for money?

  1. Sinalgen Max 10 mg (hydrocodone)

  2. Oxycodone 10 mg

  3. Hydromorphone vials

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  4. Fentanyl amps

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  5. Ethylmorphine

  1. fUCKoFF

    fUCKoFF Level 1 citizen

    I recently received the 10 mg Percocet (oxycodone) from thedonrx Has anyone else tried both the 10mg percs and their 10mg vics? Personally I think their hydrocodone works better - The oxy I had to break into 1/2 as it was strong but then I've always been a hydrocodone man if anyone has any insights on the general differences between hydrocodone and oxycodone would be great. I know I put thedonrx at the top for pain meds but I didn't want the thread being taken over by shills from other companies, and have it removed because of it. So anyways your opinions are welcomed.
  2. willyCk

    willyCk Level 1 active citizen citizen

    I would be interested in this debate myself. I know Cheese has spoken about the differences before in the past.
  3. DeadCat

    DeadCat Level 1 citizen

    I've had the 10 mg hydrocodone from thedonrx and brand Oxycontin from my local doc. I prefer the Sinalgen max (hydrocodone) over the 10mg OCs. I wonder if perhaps I should have tried the Dilaudid IR? anyway, I know oxycodone is 1.3x more powerful than hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is 3x stronger then DHC. So 10 mg oxycodone pill = 13mg hydrocodone or 39mg of dihydrocodeine. I don't think that chewing or to cruch the 10mg is a very smart thing to do, just take it as prescribed. For 1 you cant really break the sustained release in oxycontin but the hydro from thedonrx is instant release,that may be why they seem to work better. I have seen topics on this but never on onlinedrugbuyers.
  4. cocotaz

    cocotaz Level 2 active citizen

    My third order for sinalgen max was placed on 6th of May, shipped 7th & 8th (2 letters x 400pills), and both letters delivered on 26th. top notch quality.
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