Thedonrx - Sinalgen Max (hydrocodone) VS percocet

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Which pain medication from thedonrx do you think is better value for money?

  1. Sinalgen Max 10 mg (hydrocodone)

  2. Oxycodone 10 mg

  3. Ketamine vials

  4. Fentanyl amps

  5. Ethylmorphine

  6. Hydromorphone amps

  1. fUCKoFF

    fUCKoFF Level 1 citizen

    I recently received the 10 mg Percocet (oxycodone) from thedonrx Has anyone else tried both the 10mg percs and their 10mg vics? Personally I think their hydrocodone works better - The oxy I had to break into 1/2 as it was strong but then I've always been a hydrocodone man if anyone has any insights on the general differences between hydrocodone and oxycodone would be great. I know I put thedonrx at the top for pain meds but I didn't want the thread being taken over by shills from other companies, and have it removed because of it. So anyways your opinions are welcomed.
  2. willyCk

    willyCk Level 1 active citizen citizen

    I would be interested in this debate myself. I know Cheese has spoken about the differences before in the past.
  3. DeadCat

    DeadCat Level 1 citizen

    I've had the 10 mg hydrocodone from thedonrx and brand Oxycontin from my local doc. I prefer the Sinalgen max (hydrocodone) over the 10mg OCs. I wonder if perhaps I should have tried the Dilaudid IR? anyway, I know oxycodone is 1.3x more powerful than hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is 3x stronger then DHC. So 10 mg oxycodone pill = 13mg hydrocodone or 39mg of dihydrocodeine. I don't think that chewing or to cruch the 10mg is a very smart thing to do, just take it as prescribed. For 1 you cant really break the sustained release in oxycontin but the hydro from thedonrx is instant release,that may be why they seem to work better. I have seen topics on this but never on onlinedrugbuyers.
  4. cocotaz

    cocotaz Level 2 active citizen

    My third order for sinalgen max was placed on 6th of May, shipped 7th & 8th (2 letters x 400pills), and both letters delivered on 26th. top notch quality.
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  5. Pizzahead

    Pizzahead Level 2 active citizen

    Just received 200(free) valiums, and 500 of the sinalgen max Big Order, yes, but they are one of the best vics I had. They remind me of the Norco that doctors prescribe here in the states, excellent quality.
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  6. J McAfee

    J McAfee Level 1 active citizen citizen

    A 10 mg oxycodone should equal 15mg hydrocodone under conversion tables.I think the main problem is the IR vs ER so certain brands may not be enough to relieve your pain. To get a honest comparison I would take the sinalgen max 10/325,Watson 853 (norco), oxycodone 10's from thedonrx, purdue pharma oxycontin, and vicodin (the m367), and see which relieves pain better as all of these brands would pump pain relief into your system immediately.Under conversion table the 10mg oxycodone Ir should equal 15mg of hydrocodone that is the exact advice given by Doctor Max of thedonrx as well.
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  7. willyCk

    willyCk Level 1 active citizen citizen

    There's a few people that have reported finding great relief with a combo of Dilaudid injections and Sinalgen Max ? Not sure if this belongs in this forum or elsewhere? Do people say hydrocodone makes them itch? Hasn't made me itch? Maybe it's due to the 10mg part without apap? Who knows:confused:
  8. dustspooky393

    dustspooky393 Level 1 citizen active citizen

    Thanks @J McAfee ! I've looked all over on Google about oxycodone comparisons! I appreciate you finding that and posting it!
  9. 168HP

    168HP Level 1 active citizen citizen

    I just received 20 ketamine vials from thedonrx , it took 10 days via Express stamp and product is of decent quality. Hameln brand.
  10. ProjectSatan

    ProjectSatan Level 2 active citizen

    My letter arrived yesterday! This is the fastest shipping from a overseas source I can remember - Ordered: 10/9/20 ,Shipping Notification: 10/11/20, Received: 10/16/20 For what it's worth the postmark stamps on my letter say shipped 10/10 so that's exactly 6days in transit to the midwest US. Everything was discreet and pills are working for their purpose(oxycodone).
  11. SmugglerDude

    SmugglerDude Level 1 citizen

    10/15 ordered, 10/17 shipped 10/26 received -pretty good quality oxycodone, and the nitrazepam are stronger than any benzo I ever tried. Excellent packaging too, Appreciate the quick responses.
  12. LuckyLucan

    LuckyLucan Level 1 citizen

    Received my order today and pleasant surprise to have such a quick delivery from the Don, the oxycodone is definitely quality-

    shipped 10/26
    received 11/5
  13. willyCk

    willyCk Level 1 active citizen citizen

    11/2 -Placed Order from thedonrx- Shipped 11/4- Letter Arrived today - PostMark Very Clear -->>> 11/6 09:30 Discreet per Usual. Oxys and hydros intact QTY++= PERFECT QUALITY- Clearly, due to the complicated and convoluted mailing procedures, I am starting to notice a pattern of a 1-3 Day difference between the date I am informed vs item shipped vs Postmark. I have no issue as they are obviously trying new methods to avoid delays. Or, It could be their Postal Service that processes letters in that particular order. Regardless, very pleased with their service.
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  14. DJrick

    DJrick Level 1 citizen

    Received my order from Max yesterday, shipped the 9th, and spent a few days in NY ISC. That's the first time it's gone that route but made it out within 10days days. Best off luck;
  15. ProffessorOz

    ProffessorOz Level 1 citizen

    Ordered 500 of the oxys on 11/18, Shipped: 11/20, Received:4. December -I'm happy with the quality and the price just can't be beaten. will buy again.
  16. Raindogz

    Raindogz Level 1 citizen

    Just to add to the growing list of satisfied thedonrx customers. Placed an order for Sinalgen max (hydro) on 12/3 Shipped 12/5, recvd 12/14 (tracking said "Origin is preparing shipment" then it went to NY until the package was in my hometown post office. as for quality, definitely one of the best hydro brands out here right now !
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  17. HighTowerTX

    HighTowerTX Level 2 active citizen

    order update: Ordered: 7/22 Mailed: 7/24 Received: 8/2 A 9-day turnaround is possibly the fastest I have experienced. Impressive, given the locate.Good luck to everyone
  18. Fact

    Fact Level 1 citizen active citizen

    I Just got my order! Mailed: 10/15 Postmarked: 10/16 Received: 10/26 in westcoast Ordered: 10/12 -so a little slow processing (3days) this time around! it took a day for me to get an invoice from them, and although my payment was made before their old cut-off deadline, it still didn't make it out before 10/15. also, looking at the postmark- it mailed a day later than stated but the wait is well worth the wait. if you can say that... nyway quality hydros 4 sure. I'm not trying to complain, just wanna point out that my order process went a lot slower than usual -I hope everyone else receives their orders soon! I know I got a little anxious when I run out of meds, but in the iop game theres only 1 way through and thats through the postal system
  19. ProtonLee

    ProtonLee Level 2 active citizen

    Just received another oxycodone order from thedonrx yesterday. Ordered 11/23 Shipped 11/24, received 11/30 bubble packaging to keep the pills from bouncing around, discreet, oxys works well as always.

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