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    Experiences with top-online-pills goes here.
  2. Claude

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    I got through to the owner today regarding my viagra order being detained buy customs. He was very nice and polite in hes reply. I told him of my problems and he offered to refund my money and send the order anyway at no charge. He said he would do this even though it was U.S. Customs that had started this mess. I will post again as soon as I have something to report on. I would be very content to just get my money back but if I get both my order and the money returned then that would be really great....We'll see how it turns out.
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    they have always come thru for me, however their packaging is not the best so customs has caused major problems. they appear to be very honest imo.
  4. MacroButtcowYhaNahim

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    I have used them with good results: quality, shipping times, discretion etc. Decent iop 4sure
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    More info please. Delivery time, where the meds in blisters etc?
  6. MacroButtcowYhaNahim

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    Handling is very discreet and the estimated time arrival is 7-21days from top-online-pills. We also got a shipping confirmation and received the packages fast. I would also like to mention macromass,but you should type a fake phone number depending on what you order. Everything is perfect from them

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    Everything perfect is that right?
    It is obvious you are a Shill and more so knowing you post from macromass exact location. So,take your crap and head back to ioplist-forum where you belong you stupid piece of shit.
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    Hi macro. Your display name in my native tongue is actually 'macro is nothing' ,almost. Did you know that?

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