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  1. CentralWorld

    CentralWorld Level 1 citizen

    Hello all,
    my package from topathletesgaer has arrived, all accounted for plus 30 extra novartis ritalin in original blisters.

    If they would just have informed me of the 'special packaging' i would have been ok with that. Just didn't expect the wrapping to be done in such a 'secure' /hidden way, but yes, it's understandable and I guess the main reason why Gregory guarantees 'no customs problems' .

    money sent 11/3
    postmarked 11/5
    received this morning
  2. Luxembourg1

    Luxembourg1 Level 2 active citizen

    4 for 4 with Topathletesgear now. Ordered on 1/8, shipped the following day and received on the 18th. A couple of days slower than my previous order, but it's here and the generic cialis and endocet's are top notch. I'm in the NE USA, BTW.

    REDSAPPHIRE Level 2 active citizen

    I purchased ritalin in the beginning of this month and received the product in less than 10 days! Low price, exceptional customer service, and very discreet packaging. In addition, the meds actually works for me! First time to try novartis brand ritalin and by far, the best I've ever had. Highly recommended IOP!
  4. Pizzahead

    Pizzahead Level 2 active citizen

    I have been very happy with my topathletesgear orders so far.Latest one ordered 5/10 , shipped 5/13 , got tracking 5/14 Received 5/23 - exactly 10 days via express stamp service.
  5. cocotaz

    cocotaz Level 2 active citizen

    just received some 10mg vanilla valiums - they seem like quailty.
  6. david

    david Level 1 citizen

    ORDER UPDATE: I just received my package from topathletesgear today.I was a bit concerned because of the increased size of the order ( 2 of the tramadol 50mg x 1000 tabs), and it took a few days to clear customs but all my panic was undue (as always).The order was larger than my usual purchases, but discreetly packaged as usual.

    So far, quality of the tramadol capsules seem to be outstanding (I've only been using them for a several hours so far, but they feel quite potent compared to what I received from an Indian iop a couple of weeks ago .Also, topathletesgear has cheaper prices (and considerably so) than any of their competitors. If only they'd keep this "special" going indefinitely, lol.Anyhow, my order timeline: Order Placed - 11/25 , Shipped 11/26 , Received - 4/12 So 8 days, which has been pretty much the average for my orders from them.I love this Vendor!And I hope they keep providing similar deals in the future.
  7. theironwarrior

    theironwarrior WARNED USER Expiry: 24 days

    I recently ordered from topathletesgear and wanted to provide a review ASAP (I thank the seller for their patience).

    Site contains numerous items which are popular and some that are usually hard to find.

    Frankly, I was surprised at how low the prices were on many items—amazing! I especially like the combo sale packages which include two or more items.

    Multiple options are available. If you have difficulty, politely discuss this with the vendor for assistance.

    Three different options are available, and I chose EMS (signature was required). My package arrived in 15 days.

    Professional and discreet.

    Good communication is something we’ve all come to expect, and the vendor did not disappoint. Replies to emails occurred in 24-36 hours, and the vendor was very patient. I had some payment difficulties, and the vendor provided additional options.

    I ordered the Oxycodone/ Diazepam Combo and some Stilnox. I’m a non-recreational user due to many medical issues which the medical community gave up on. While describing the results in my particular instance would take a thread in itself, the products performed above expectations.

    Interesting note: I take Diazepam for eczema, which works far better than almost any other pharma.

    Hell yes! In fact, I’ve already placed another order.
  8. Claude

    Claude Level 2 active citizen

    Ordered: 11/23 Shipped: 11/25 Received: 12/7 Perfect condition, super fast shipping, quality rivotril - couldn't be more pleased.
  9. RayQ

    RayQ Level 1 citizen

    I placed my order for Valium, xanax and Dextroamphetamine on 11/27/2019. I transferred bitcoin 11/28 and got an email 11/30 that the meds had been shipped. Today , I received a medium sized package at my PO Box, - Well packaged and communication was excellent. The final test will - of course - involve trying them out. Once the products check out as good strength and quality, I will definitely be doing business with these guys again. Thanks for pointing me towards this seller.
  10. BrainGOAT

    BrainGOAT Level 2 active citizen

    Package received 12/12/2019. All accounted for and in great shape. Just under 10 days total trip time. Another successful experience with topathletesgear!

    REDSAPPHIRE Level 2 active citizen

    My topathletesgear order arrived today and I think time frame was about 2 weeks considering the holiday, around 10 or 11 days valid days but still not too bad.. Discretely packaged and dexedrine are potent, but will need to break in half as 5 mg too much of a rusho_O

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