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  1. CentralWorld

    CentralWorld New Member

    Hello all,
    my package from topathletesgaer has arrived, all accounted for plus 30 extra novartis ritalin in original blisters.

    If they would just have informed me of the 'special packaging' i would have been ok with that. Just didn't expect the wrapping to be done in such a 'secure' /hidden way, but yes, it's understandable and I guess the main reason why Gregory guarantees 'no customs problems' .

    money sent 11/3
    postmarked 11/5
    received this morning
  2. Luxembourg1

    Luxembourg1 New Member

    4 for 4 with Topathletesgear now. Ordered on 1/8, shipped the following day and received on the 18th. A couple of days slower than my previous order, but it's here and the generic cialis and endocet's are top notch. I'm in the NE USA, BTW.

    REDSAPPHIRE New Member

    I purchased ritalin in the beginning of this month and received the product in less than 10 days! Low price, exceptional customer service, and very discreet packaging. In addition, the meds actually works for me! First time to try novartis brand ritalin and by far, the best I've ever had. Highly recommended IOP!
  4. Pizzahead

    Pizzahead New Member

    I have been very happy with my topathletesgear orders so far.Latest one ordered 5/10 , shipped 5/13 , got tracking 5/14 Received 5/23 - exactly 10 days via express stamp service.
  5. cocotaz

    cocotaz New Member

    just received some 10mg vanilla valiums - they seem like quailty.

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