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  1. Michael

    Michael New Member

    This will be my first order with Gregory. I thought I would give them a try since the TJ/San Diego border is shut down. Have you tried their Rivotril?
  2. Stevewilkos66

    Stevewilkos66 Level 1 citizen active citizen

    oh yeah topathletesgear are a reliable source, You'l get what you order no worries there.
  3. Stevewilkos66

    Stevewilkos66 Level 1 citizen active citizen

    already touched down and tracking updates says its on its way out of customs.. Should arrive in a day or 2, from the look of it. Yohoooo!
  4. RocketGhost

    RocketGhost Level 1 active citizen citizen

    I received mine yesterday,topathletesgear is just the best. This one cost a bit more due to upgrade in shipping but valiums are quality as always. pack delivered in 4days. Gregory added some interesting products as well... BTW, if it concerns anyone, Topathletesgear's thread on another forum was locked or intervened because Gregory was delivering super fast and the owners didn't like that as they got their own sources they support, and receive $$$ under the table from.. their forum is owned and operated by a shady character known as 'The Goat' and since topathletesgaer has been doing so much better I think they got threatened ... as far as I've been able to pick up, people were sent over to deal with certain issues. Literally took Gregory less than a day to send my order out but its 2020 and topathletesgear outperforms in all possible ways... there are plenty of safe shipping options that don't take 3-6 weeks as is the case with certain other sources. A+ transaction all around.
  5. Michael

    Michael New Member

    I finally received my order today. a little longer than I was hoping but as long as it gets here that's ok Gregory's advice was to choose express shipment on my next order... The packaging was excellent. I tried the oxycodone about an hour ago. Seems ok and actually getting decent pain relief from it. I feel relaxed:)
    btw any reviews on the Xanax? Are they quality? May snatch some up if they are.
  6. LAcounty

    LAcounty Level 1 active citizen citizen

    They delivered pretty fast to me. I will understand if there will be a bit delay during these times, but I received my order within the promised time frame. I will consider this store for my future purchase. I bet they have stocks for chest meds.
  7. ChillOutDude

    ChillOutDude Level 1 active citizen citizen

    Shipped: 5/5 Received: 5/27 so 21 days with the federal holiday. East coast. I used the regular airmail option- Very satisfied with the endocet (this products: oxycodone 10 mg), Feels like the real thing for sure and still sealed in a carbon bag - No rips or tears.Medium order of 400 pills. Was shocked to get the leaflets for the oxy I ordered this time! They sent one or two leaflets the first time I started using them again a few years back and now again on this order. Now that's what I call 'good service'!
  8. J McAfee

    J McAfee Level 1 active citizen citizen

    I Received my package yesterday from these guys.I'd have to say this was a smooth process all-around. The shipping was just under two weeks, and I did have to sign for the package. I thought there packaging was fine. The endocet (oxycodone) are good but the mano diazepam are special because of the fast and smooth melting "vanilla" flavor. The way they disolve reminds me of some very smooth fast melting chocolate. The vanilla flavor can't be beat and the meds are of high quality. The oxycodone was good too ( maybe a bit better) than the OC'10s I got from a source across the border last week, A+ in terms of med quality.
  9. Davey

    Davey Level 1 citizen

    Got order today. (12 days after I placed it) product: xanax 1mg x 300 superb packaging- Great Quality. would definitely use again.
  10. TheStar

    TheStar Level 1 citizen

    Ordered - 6/25 Shipped - 6/27 Received - 7/4 NW USA. The dexedrine works ok. Great stealth packaging, as usual. Peace out.
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  11. ProtonLee

    ProtonLee Level 2 active citizen

    ordered 400oxy & 500 Dexedrine 6/27, shipped 6/29 received 7/8 all in good order, pills work well. very pleased!
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  12. RocketGhost

    RocketGhost Level 1 active citizen citizen

    Received another package today.6 days from order to receipt by EMS, and nice discreet packaging as always. Great vendor.
  13. Good life

    Good life Level 1 citizen

    Received my order yesterday, and the Mandrax and oxy 10's are legitimate products according to my test reaction kit:
    Analyte Solvent ISCCNIST** Color M
    Oxycodone HCl CHCl3 004Dark greenish-yellow - Positive for oxycodone HCL
    Methaqualone CHCl3 56 Very orange-yellow - Positive for Methaqualone

    The hydromorphone amps, on the other hand, tested positive for morphine, and possibly for Diacetylmorphine when it should have been a positive for hydromorphone:
    Morphine monohydrate* CHCl3 345Deep purplish-red - Positive for Morphine monohydrate
    Diacetylmorphine HCl* CHCl3 682Deep purplish-red - Positive for Diacetylmorphine

    Conclusion: Quaaludes and Oxycodone 10's -100% legit, the hydromorphone amps are either some form of Morphine, Diacetylmorphine, or Hydromorphone. But since the latter is not among the substances listed in my kits manual, and judging on how they make me feel, my bet is on hydromorphone.
  14. Good life

    Good life Level 1 citizen

    So The blue valium tens I got from topathletesgear definitely are effective. A single one feels strong yet 4 blues from another source in Phills are not noticeable, just shows how much difference there can be in quality from source to source these days.
  15. LAcounty

    LAcounty Level 1 active citizen citizen

    All I can say is that I asked for a sample of some of his valium along with my order for oxys and they came in within 10days, top-notch quality and they answer emails quickly. Recommend
  16. dustspooky393

    dustspooky393 Level 1 citizen active citizen

    Ordered 400 oxycodone (Endocet) from topathletesgear (again). Was going to try a few things that I haven't had yet, but you can't beat the amount, quality, and price of the oxy!
  17. 168HP

    168HP Level 1 active citizen citizen

    another top-order received 10 days from shipping date. Didn't show up in US scanning until 2 days before delivery. They are regular white oxys. These pills weigh in a little heavier than a regular 10mg oxycontin and a bit heavier still than my other vendor. But definitely no apap and works great. He did include the 5 I was shorted from last time, so hopefully, the rest of you will get extras as well. Good luck everyone!
  18. cheesedout

    cheesedout Level 2 active citizen

    I just received from top athletes gear...Nice products (Ritalin and Endocet oxys ), Very cheap price on the oxy,and great packaging...very impressed.
  19. willyCk

    willyCk Level 1 active citizen citizen

    Another stellar order from Gregory. Ordered 12/3 Shipped 12/4 Received 12/5, This is about average for me. I'm wondering if anyone here has used eastcoastexpress. I've read the posts on that thread, and they sell cheap Vyvanse for the price my old source used to sell it before they jacked up their prices.
  20. ChillOutDude

    ChillOutDude Level 1 active citizen citizen

    first part of the order received today, 9 days after placing. Quality ok -valiums are decent and Testoviron, Proviron works well for the purpose.

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