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  1. LAcounty

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    quick order update: Ordered 400oxy: Sunday 6/6, Shipped: Tuesday 6/8, Received: today 6/21 No visible damage to the packaging and all contents inside a hundred percent intact.Good service!
  2. DuckForDinner

    DuckForDinner Level 1 citizen

    Greetings all, here's my experience with Topathletesgear: ordered 100 vals and 400 oxycodone -placed and paid 6/29, Tracking # received 7/1, received package 7/9 pack came with ketamine and Rivotril samples, all meds work ok, the oxys are French-made but equal in pain relief to a regular oxycontin 10 from here, the valiums were decent as well, absolutely no complaints there. as for Ketamines, they do provide pain relief but more of a euphoric feeling, noticed it helps with my insomnia though. All in all pretty nice experience.
  3. MortCowMoo

    MortCowMoo Level 1 citizen

    Ordered 100 Ritalin from thedonrx 7/1, Shipped 7/3 Received 7/10 Packaging very discreet and meds arem good. Was happier with the shorter delivery times here
  4. BrainGOAT

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    I am so surprised that I received in just 6 days. I got the oxycodone and I am very pleased with the quality of the product. I wasn't even going to think about receiving for another week and yesterday the package arrived.
  5. SkyMan

    SkyMan Level 1 citizen

    ordered ritalin 9/27 shipped 9/28 received 9/4 Topathletesgear are very nice. Superb packaging
  6. dustspooky393

    dustspooky393 Level 1 citizen active citizen

    2nd part of my order (valium 10 mg) arrived yesterday sent 10/7 , received 10/14 Packaging brilliant as always and the vals are of great quality, Gregory runs a great operation down there.
  7. HighTowerTX

    HighTowerTX Level 2 active citizen

    I've just today received my 3 of 3 order from topathletesgear - nice packaging, and the Rivotril seems to be working
  8. ProffessorOz

    ProffessorOz Level 1 citizen

    My order for the oxycodone/diazepam combo arrived in 7 days before I even wondered about it. Shipped 12/6 received 12/13. A+ quality

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