Valium and xanax Threshold

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  1. Raindogz

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    Does anybody here think that benzos have a upper limit? I have taken incredible amounts of Xanax and valium (hundreds of mgs), and I know they were real, and they did nothing unless I took a break for a week. Has anyone else had this problem? Please share your experiences and tolerance levels.
  2. Crackhead

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    Maybe you need to try something else for relaxation? My psych explained how you can quickly build a tolerance to benzodiazepines to me just a few days ago. I'm on 8mg clonazepam a day and even though it's enough to stop an attack, it's not enough for me to ever sleep on. Rohypnol was the only one that made me sleep. You can taper your benzodiazepine's down until you are off them for a while, then try using them again. Some people switch their benzos so they don't build a high tolerance by taking the same one over and over. That's all the uneducated advice I have for you!
  3. Barry Vanilla-Shake

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    Yes thats true, but, taper little by little. At your levels, stopping cold turkey may well make you seize. try rohypnol to relieve insomnia in the meantime, or valium but valium can lose their effect over time so rohypnols a winner 4sure -recommend the 2mgs out of japan or the green ones by roche (1mg) .if you can get those.
  4. willyCk

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    Yes indeed, as Code of drugs says, taper gradually. At your levels, stopping cold turkey may well make you lose your mind. To get an idea of how to do it, Google the Ashton Manual. You should find it easier because you are just taking vals and Xanax. You can try a low dose of pain relief medication (preferably oxycodone) to relieve sleep problems in the meanwhile. Of course, doctor-monitored withdrawal has to be suggested, even though they often get it wrong.
  5. BrainGOAT

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    Bear in mind, everybody is different and their receptors reach tolerance at different levels. But one thing that might help is switching benzodiazepine and pain relievers often. Also, try taking them with a fatty meal, that helps to increase absorption due to the attributes of adipose tissue in the body.
  6. HighTowerTX

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    The medications themselves have no limit - not within therapeutic doses anyways - but tolerance certainly prevents them from working, and tolerance rises very fast.

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