Vicodin(Hydrocodone) for anxiety and determination

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    I'm interested to know anyones thoughts on hydrocodone and oxycodone as a anxiety medicine and fixer for lack of determination? I've been on anxiety drugs since I was a 18(many years ) and I've been on countless anti-depressants. Some worked, but others didn't do much of anything. About a year ago i broke up with my gf and ended a long commitment. I knew i wouldn't be able to handle such a loss so I investigated drugs online and came to the realization that i could strategically use hydrocodone to help me get over my exgirlfriend. Not only did this work surprisingly well, but it has changed my life to such a level that i feel it should be in a movie. The past break-up I went through ended up in a suicide attempt on her part and a long-term mental hospital stay. at that time, Not only was I fine with the break up, but my mind was never more evident and I was able to see that it was much healthier for me to break up, something i would have never seen without oxycodone and vics. Forward to the present time, and I still take about 5 x 10mg hydros per day, and my life has never been this great. I have since started a small business and have quit my full time job and generating enough money to buy my dream house just outside detroit I COMPLETELY attribute my happiness and success to hydrocodone. I am inspired every day and I have never had this much self-confidence in my life. I am not necessarily advocating hydro for depression, because it certainly has its' negative aspects: slight withdrawl symptoms if i take a week off, and a few minor others. All this being said, I wouldn't take my self-treatment back at all and I know it was a great decision in the end. I would like to know everybody's thoughts/criticisms here!
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    Well, I don’t think replacing one pill for another is good in this situation. You need therapy and an antidepressant. Otherwise you just like to escape ...I get it dude but pain pills won’t solve your problems
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    pain relievers has its drawbacks,there are no perfect drugs remember that.I've never been on any anti depressants so i'm not sure how they compare to vicodin/ oxycodone.The challenge is most medical practioners would never even consider prescribing opiates for depressive disorders.
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    Hell they won’t prescribe them unless you have surgery and / or got seriously injured. Idk what’s going on but I told my pain dr to eff off bc he had me on subutex for PAIN!! I quit that mess. They couldn’t believe it bc I wasn’t at their feet begging and paying 200 a month. Can you imagine paying that much for suboxone that does nothing but ease withdrawal symptoms.....hell I don’t need that !!
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    prices are too high nowadays I know several people who pay 25$/pill for a oxycontin40 but say that when they take it, they are less depressed. oxy could probably really help with depression and anxiety issues.
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    A CNS depressant doesn't necessarily depress emotions. But, Opioids such as buprenorphine are being considered for severe treatment-resistant anxiety, but not for reactive major depression. If one considers the chance of finding a new partner 'on the rebound', and the new partner is better than the old one, it would very likely 'cure' the depression caused by the ending of the previous relationship, even if it goes pear-shaped eventually. Endogenous depression doesn't seem to respond to such fortuitous events; one often sees a victim of depression who seems to have almost everything the person could wish for, but it makes no difference to their mindset.

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