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    You may have wondered why I decided to name this board OnlineDrugBuyers.Com?

    It may look wrong and even bad to some, but it is a unique and great name, and very reputable.....
    Just as good as "prescription medications", "online pharmacy", "drug manufacturer", "drug reviewer" and others.

    Our name is composed of three simple words: 1: Online - 2. drug - 3. :buyers We all know what "online" means, and "buyers" indicates a person who wish to buy something, but the word drug is not that clear. Please see below for what the best translations of exactly what the word "drug" means.

    Merriam-Webster Online Etymology: Middle English drugs, narcos 13th century and thereafter .. a chemical or substance used as a medicine or in the preparation of medicines. According to the Food, drug, and Cosmetic Act : a substance known in an official pharmacopoeia or formulary : a substance meant for use in the medical diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease : a substance other than food intended to affect the structure or function of the whole body : a material intended for use as a ingredient of a medication but not a device or a component.

    In the end its about sharing information, taking pride in being OnlineDrugBuyers - Our original logo , identity, and the pride of the members of this forum.

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    yup, medicationpurchasers.com or drugbuyersrxguide.is just doesn't cut it
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    I think the name could be a problem if there are children surrounding you while you are reading and they see the drugbuyers part of the name, but children are so busy nowadays so they probably won't notice it at all! Especially if you just scroll up or down (whenever the young ones are nearby). Just scroll down so the 'name' doesn't show! I agree with the above poster, drugbuyersrxguide.is just "doesnt cut-it"! LMAO
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    Yes! I think it is a really good name for those very reasons. Straight to the point, we get to use a service that provides the pinnacle of drug use every where. Good job guys
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    I like its name, easy to find and easy to remember. This suit it well!
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    Onlinedrugbuyers is currently the most trustworthy pharmacy forum on the net, no doubt about that.

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