Why a name like OnlineDrugBuyers.Com

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  1. energyKing

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    I just love everything about this site
  2. cheesedout

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    Onlinedrugbuyers is the best f... teh rest. the best forum in the world not a doubt in the world about that
  3. manolo

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  4. 39Kings

    39Kings Level 2 active citizen citizen

    I recently discovered OnlineDrugBuyers.Com, wish I had found it sooner.. Ordered valiums & the guy sent a roll of toilet paper with some unknown brownish substance. His known around the boards as Joe or starlite Joe. Can anybody help?

    PLANT A TREE Level 2 active citizen citizen

    We can try, but starlite Joe is a crook known for tricking/ sending various unknown powders & possibly other substances thrown into the mix.. Also you paid cash so there is not much we, or anyone else but the information you share with us can help members not to venture into the same'starlite crap-trap' o_O
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  6. ColdRx

    ColdRx Raising up VIP citizen

    that starlite dude is a piece of s... End of story.
  7. Raindogz

    Raindogz Raising up VIP citizen

    Was scammed off 2 weeks ago by alldaychemist.com I filed a ripoff report is there anyway to get my money back ?
  8. CentralWorld

    CentralWorld Level 1 citizen

    alldaychemist is a known scam, should have avoided:D

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